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number 1722 activated, “quite heavy rains are expected”

It’s a gloomy weekend that awaits the Belgians. This Thursday and Friday, fairly heavy rain is expected in the province of Luxembourg. So much so that the IRM issued this Wednesday evening a yellow rain alert which will start tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. and which will be in effect until Saturday morning 2 a.m.

On Thursday, accumulations of 20 to 25 l/m² in 24 hours, mainly in the south of the country (province of Luxembourg) are expected. On Friday, as a new rain zone passes, an additional accumulation of more than 25 l/m² in 24 hours is likely in the same regions, leading to an extension of the yellow level of the warning. However, this remains to be confirmed in the coming hours.

Activation of number 1722

Following this warning, the FPS Interior has therefore temporarily activated the number 1722. In the event of storm damage and water damage for which you need the assistance of the fire brigade, you can submit a request via e – office www.1722.be or call 1722. Only call 112 in situations where a life is in danger.

Preferably use the e-counter

Sending a request through the 1722.be electronic counter is the most direct way to request help from the fire brigade in situations where no life is in danger. But you can also call 1722.

A request submitted electronically via 1722.be will be sent directly to the fire brigade. If you call 1722, the operators of the 112 emergency centers first handle calls to this number before forwarding the request to the fire brigade. They handle calls to 1722 on separate phone lines from 112 so that they can handle the most urgent 112 calls first, such as those for people having a heart attack or whose house is on fire. If your emergency area has an e-counter, you can also use it.

How does the electronic counter work?

If you request assistance via the 1722.be website, you must first enter your contact details and your municipality, after which the site will send your request to your emergency zone. The website can also redirect you to the local electronic counter of your fire department.

The electronic counter will help you to choose the reason for which you need firefighters. If you can’t find the right option, ask yourself if this is indeed a problem requiring the intervention of the fire department.

Wait patiently for the arrival of firefighters after submitting your request and do not contact them again to find out where they are. Firefighters examine each situation on a case-by-case basis and give priority to anyone whose life is potentially in danger. In the event of a storm or flood, firefighters deal with many requests at the same time and you may have to wait because they have to help people whose lives are in danger first.

If you call 1722

When you call the number 1722, you must first enter your postal code, then you hear the following message: “Welcome to 1722. The fastest way to request help from the fire brigade is through the electronic counter on the 1722 website. be. If you don’t have internet access, stay online. Do not call 112. You will not be helped further at this emergency number. 112 is reserved for situations where a person’s life is or could potentially be in danger. »

Preferably use the e-counter. You avoid having to wait a long time before having an operator online. Indeed, the telephone lines are sometimes saturated when many people call at the same time. A request made via the e-counter is processed in the same way by the fire brigade as a request made by calling 1722. You will therefore not be helped more quickly by calling 1722.

If you cannot use the electronic counter, if you do not have internet or if the e-counter does not work for technical reasons, you can of course call 1722 and after the automatic message you will have an operator online .

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