Number of infections slightly increased last week, hospital admissions stabilized

Tuesday, 27.April 2021 – 18:43 Update: 27-04-2021 20:20

Hospital admissions stable

‘The percentage of positive tests rose from 10.1% to 10.6% last week. The number of new hospital admissions was comparable to the previous week ‘, according to the RIVM. Last week, 1,661 new COVID-19 hospitalizations were reported, almost the same as the week before when 1,672 people with COVID-19 were hospitalized. In the past week, 374 new admissions to intensive care units were reported, also almost the same as the week before when 375 people with COVID-19 were admitted to the ICU

Notifications by age

During the past calendar week, 487,294 people had themselves tested. That is about the same (-1%) as the week before. In the past week, 317 people per 100,000 inhabitants received a positive corona test result. The number of reports of positive corona tests per 100,000 inhabitants increased in almost all age groups. Only in the age group 70 to 79 years was no increase visible. In the age group 0 to 12 years the increase in the number of reports was greatest (+ 12%) compared to the previous week.

Reproduction numbers

The April 12 reproduction rate, based on positive test reports, remained completely above 1 at 1.05 (lower limit 1.01 – upper limit 1.07) and almost unchanged from the previous week (1.06). When the reproduction number is above 1, the number of people who become infected increases. A reproduction number of 1.05 means that 100 people who have corona infect 105 other people.

Infectious persons

The number of infectious people, that is people who are infected with the virus and who are in the phase of infection that they can infect others, has risen sharply in one week from 162,000 (April 12) to more than 181,000 on April 19. It is therefore still very important to adhere to the basic measures because the risk of infections is still present.

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