Nuria Marín: «I’m hooked on gossip since adolescence»

He has stopped catching insects, but Nuria Marín (Viella Mitg Arán ?, Lérida, 38 years old) continues with celebrities in the spotlight. The Catalan is the presenter of ‘The Panic Room’, the new program that broadcasts live Monday through Friday at 4:30 p.m. An hour later still on the Divinity channel. After the end of ‘Butterfly Hunter’, Marín, who has also conducted spaces such as ‘Save Me Daily’ or ‘Socialité’, has taken the lead in the format, which has a ‘neurological station’, which, through seven devices different, check the veracity of the statements of the guests.

-Why ‘The panic room’?

-Because it is a program in which many celebrities are going to panic, either because of what we say about them or because of the environment that will be created when they are on set.

-What does Nuria Marín panic about?

– Extreme panic to spiders, even the smallest ones. It is an irrational fear. Also to the disease. I am hypochondriacal and have outbreaks, especially during times of stress.

-How has the arrival to this new program been?

-Wonderful. I know most of my classmates and that makes me very comfortable. On a personal level, it is hard to come to Madrid, since my boy has stayed in Barcelona, ​​my mother in Lleida and my sister and my niece in Tarragona.

-And the farewell of ‘Butterfly Hunter’ after seven years?

-Phew. What a catharsis was the last program! It was a hard and sad week, but, at the same time, I was excited and lucky to have a new project.

-What other formats are you looking for?

-I love the series and the talk shows.

-What percentage occupies the heart in your day to day?

-Well, most of the day. I’m hooked on gossip since adolescence.

And what other topics interest you?

-The news in general, politics and news about movies, filming, future films.

‘What is the policy gap in your life?

-My partner directs ‘Salvados’ and ‘Lo de Évole’, so politics is a recurring conversation topic at home.

– Have you changed your perception about the Catalonian issue with your arrival in Madrid?

-My perception of the problem has changed so many times in recent years and in so many directions that I would have to take a Biodramina before giving my opinion.


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