Nurses in four States strike for Better Patient Care


Debi AlbertThe hospital's chief nursing officer said that the temporary nurses, who came from all over the country, would not enter into a one-day contract.

“Competition for these respite nurses was quite high,” said Ms. Albert. The agency staffed the temporary nurses, she said, who informed the hospital that “if we wanted to keep the hospital staff safe for one day, we had to commit to those nurses for five days,” she said. or they would not. ”

In addition to employing the temporary nurses, the Chicago Medical University moved some patients out of the neonatal intensive care unit, the pediatric intensive care unit and the intensive care unit. The hospital emergency room is currently on referral, which means that an ambulance has to find somewhere else, even if it is the nearest one.

“It's exciting” that they are moving patients, Ms. Hardin. “You work in a place and you think there are values ​​and what you do, and they do things like taking patients away.” T

Nurses in the Chicago Medical Center have unsafe working conditions a day, according to Ms Hardin. She said that lending units, equipment and even staff members often take each other apart.

“It's a kind of robbery-Peter-to-pay-Paul case,” said Ms. Hardin.

The University of Chicago, a Medical Center, three spokesmen, rejected the view that the hospital was not adequately staffed.

“As with any hospital, we often see a sudden and sudden increase in demand for care within our inpatient units,” she said. However, she noted that there is a group of nurses at the hospital who can transfer between units depending on need.


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