Nursing and Medicine students collaborate with the Detectar operation

UNPSJB volunteers collaborate with the Comodoro Rivadavia health teams in prevention tasks and the identification of positive cases of Covid-19.

Teachers and students of the National University of Patagonia collaborate voluntarily with the city’s health authorities in different actions in order to add their help in the framework of the pandemic.

Among them, from the Comodoro Nursing and Medicine careers, they work on the Detect operation in the identification of positive cases of Covid-19 and the call is open for those who want to join the proposal of all the careers of both Comodoro and Puerto Madryn and Trelew.

From the UNPSJB, they indicated that the result of the call “is highly gratifying since we can say that the university community has the knowledge and will to reinforce the social commitment of the University at the service of public health.”

Volunteer work

The Detectar plan began in Comodoro on Friday, October 2 in the Stella Maris neighborhood, then it moved to Máximo Abásolo and currently works at Standard Norte. Students from the Faculty of Natural and Health Sciences participated actively in these sessions, mainly conducting surveys and triage.

The Nursing volunteers are coordinated by Lic. Judith Garrido and the Medicine students in charge of the doctor Gabriel Sebastián.

To carry out this activity, the Nation technical team provided training to University volunteers as well as to neighborhood leaders for territorial approach, case search, close contact tracking, and monitoring and control.

Call for students

The call continues for students from different careers to participate in the Covid-19 Emergency Universities Program, to collaborate with health teams in the cities of Comodoro, Puerto Madryn and Trelew.

The students will be volunteers, will contribute to the Program for free and in solidarity, and will receive training in health skills. People who suffer from chronic diseases, have a pregnancy or any problem that is considered a risk factor will not be able to attend the program.

To access the registration form, they must go to If you have any questions, the email for inquiries is:

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