Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti with 20 GB of memory: Asus confirms

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cycnus wrote:

It will undoubtedly be the reference card. sold at about the price of the AMD card but significantly more balanced and more powerful. AMD has not succeeded in its comeback on GPUs, the only advantage is that it has lowered prices a bit (just a bit). If there will be a return, it will be on the next generation. Otherwise, no return to wait for 10 years.

I absolutely do not share your opinion about AMD and its GPU’s. The 6800 and 6900 series are high performance, the best proof being that Nvidia had to draw this 3080 ti mentioned in the article above to compete with them.

If AMD has not released a card at 2000 € to position itself against the RTX 3090, it is first and foremost out of respect for consumers … it would be making fun of them to offer cards at such prices , even if there are always “fools” to buy overpriced products !! AMD is positioned from this point of view in exactly the same way as vis-à-vis Intel by offering the best performance at the best price.

The only thing NVIDIA can do better is with one of their latest proprietary technologies … Ray Tracing. Basically it allows to display real fake 4K, because their GPU’s are not powerful enough to really handle the thing well.

And then Nvidia removed the possibility of doing SLI with card ranges below 3090.

AMD leaves us the possibility of using CrossFire which allows to associate an “old” graphics card with a last generation card, which Nvidia has always refused to offer just to sell more last generation GPU’s ;-(

Uh, you say anything …

See also  banks, hospitals, container parks… they are unusable in many cases!

You are very naive to believe that AMD does not release cards equivalent to the 3090 out of respect for its customers
It is above all that they do not yet have the skills.

When you talk about fake 4k, you have to talk about DLSS and not Ray Tracing which concerns the display of light effects and reflections, which has nothing to do with it.

The SLI was removed because it brought virtually nothing in terms of perfs on the games because hardly any were optimized for this techno, like the Crossfire.
Especially a Crossfire with an old card, the interest is totally zero.

Plus just for the crappy AMD drivers that come out every 6 months, I would never go to them. Too many display bugs.

All AMD can do is add tons of VRAM to cards to pretend they have mastered the subject.


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