Nvidia: NVDA share consolidates despite better than expected results

Nvidia records a meteoric increase in turnover and net profit in Q3

Nvidia released its third quarter results yesterday which came out better than expected, both in terms of revenue and profits. The leader of semiconductors saw its turnover explode by 57% over one year to 4.73 billion dollars, exceeding expectations at 4.41 billion. Net profit for its part jumped 49% over the same period, to 1.336 billion.

Gamer demand for its graphics cards jumped 39% year-on-year, but it was mainly the strong development of cloud companies that drove the results up as its products for data centers grew by 162% !

Basically, Nvidia has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Its turnover and profits are constantly increasing, with a net margin varying between 35% and 25%. The outlook for the company is very positive as its graphics cards are expected to continue to benefit from the explosion in development of data centers, artificial agency, augmented reality, video games and cryptocurrency mining. Its turnover is expected to simply double by 2023.

Daily Nvidia Price Chart – Key Levels


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