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Before the premiere this Sunday of the documentary Seduced, American actress Catherine Oxenberg assures that she remains afraid of the threats received from Mexico while trying to uncover the case of her daughter India in the secta sexual More.

“They were very powerful people, one of the leaders was the son of a former (Mexican) president and they told me that if I went (to Mexico) they would kill me,” the actress said at a round table with Latin American media.

The sect in Mexico was led by the son of former president Carlos Salinas (1988-1994), Emiliano Salinas, who on numerous occasions denied having knowledge of the reported exploitation practices.

Oxenberg, known for her participation in the series Dinasty (“Dynasty”), is part of Seduced, which premieres this Sunday on Starzplay and in which for the first time her daughter India will tell about her experience within the Nxivm sect, accused of promoting sexual slavery.

With this, the actress hopes to put an end to the case, after several years of raising her voice in favor of her daughter. In June of last year, a jury in a federal court in New York found Nxivm leader Keith Raniere guilty of charges such as sex trafficking and organized crime, in a scandalous case involving several celebrities.

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Destigmatize victims

After spending seven years in the so-called Nxivm self-help group, India Oxenberg decided to face her fears and talk about her experiences in the documentary Seduced to erase the myths around the people who have belonged to these groups.

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“There are many stigmas around people who are in the cults, who are innocent, who are stupid, who are women, many things that I consider are not real, even the documentary will show that there are people who went to renowned universities. “, he relates.

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The series, which was created by Cecilia Peck and Inbal B. Lessner, is produced by India itself, who highlights that it is a work done by women with a feminine vision and sensitive to the case of Nxivm that little has been explored in other series and documentaries about it.

The return from India to the places where he spent time with the members of Nxivm will be the scene of the victim to tell his experience and the painful memories of the seven years he lived in the sect. Their hopes, their fears and the way in which little by little the leaders of the sect managed to change their way of thinking, as well as the way in which they began to control their actions, are narrated in the series that also has the participation of specialists and testimonies of other women.

Allison Mack pleaded guilty to two counts.

Raniere, 60, led a case that attracted interest in the United States because of its rugged nature and the involvement of two famous names, actress Allison Mack. (Smallville) and the heir to the liquor conglomerate Seagram’s, Clare Bronfman, who pleaded guilty along with three other defendants. “One of the reasons why I did not want to speak for a long time was the information we gave to get blackmailed, I still feel nervous because nobody knows where the information is,” says India, who assures that the women who have testified against Raniere’s have been brave.

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However, Oxenberg wants to show that the information she gave in the past no longer stops her from raising her voice. “For me, to speak is to say that it no longer has power over me, that they cannot control me,” he says.

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Now, after dedicating a lot of time to heal, little by little India has been able to regain confidence in the people around her and within all the bad things she experienced, she considers that her experience made her appreciate the love that surrounds her with greater intensity. “I believe in love and justice and I feel more love in my life than I have ever experienced, I had to go through many tests and now I realize that my mother and I have such a strong bond that Keith could not break,” he concludes .



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