Obama says Trump may be dragged out of the building by Navy SEALs …


WASHINGTON – Ex president United States of America (USA), Barack Obama, cracked jokes to insult the President Donald Trump who refused to admit defeat to his rival, Joe Biden, in the US presidential election. Obama joked that Navy SEALs might step in to evacuate the White House.

Trump, the incumbent Republican presidential candidate, has declared himself the winner of the November 3 US presidential election, although the American media now dubs Joe Biden of the Democratic Party as the US elected president. (Read: Panicking over the results of the US Presidential Election, Donald Trump Jr. Calls for Total War)

Navy SEALs are one of the US special forces. The force had made headlines in the world when it carried out the operation that killed al-Qaeda’s founder; Osama bin Laden in Pakistan several years ago.

Obama will reportedly take a job in the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris administration. Obama’s allusion to Trump came during his appearance Thursday on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Obama signaled President Trump could be dragged by force from the White House if he refused to step down.

Kimmel, who has been an outspoken critic of Trump, cynically asked Obama during the program if it was difficult for some people to hide in the White House lobby.

“You know the White House well. You lived there for eight years. Is there a place someone can hide? For example, if, say, they will be eliminated? Is there a small hole or something you know ?, “Kimmel asked jokingly, as quoted Sputniknews, Saturday (21/11/2020). (Also read: Trump Fires Pentagon Boss, Preparing for Military Coup against Biden?)

Many have concluded that Kimmel was referring to President Trump, who declared that the US presidential election was won by him.

Obama backed up Kimmel’s joke, by being blunt and laughing. “All right, I think we can always send Navy SEALs to dig it out.”

Earlier, a Biden campaign officer said that the US government was very capable of escorting intruders out of the White House, because the American election results were decided by the American people.

However, Donald Trump has insisted that the election results were “stolen” from him through fraudulent practices and tampering with votes. His campaign team has filed numerous complaints in key battleground states that US media say is supporting Joe Biden, including Georgia and Pennsylvania.

If the election results are certified in favor of Joe Biden in the end, Trump will be forced to leave the White House after Inauguration Day on January 20.



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