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Oceanhorn 2 – Knights of the Lost Realm: Une belle plongée dans ce Zelda-like (PC, PS5, Switch) – MaXoE

Ten years after the first opus Oceanhorn, but also three years after the availability of its “sequel” on Nintendo Switch -if we leave the Apple Arcade version released in September 2019-, we finally welcome Oceanhorn 2 – Knights of the Lost Realm on New . -There are: PS5, Xbox Series and PC. We are still dealing with an Action-Adventure game, here more given, reminiscent of the seasons of Link. So you have the fiber of exploration and solving puzzles?

Based in Finland, developers Cornfox & Brothers strive to create with a passion to deliver memorable, story-driven experiences for all generations of people, thus extending to all types of gamers.

If you follow us, you already know them for Oceanhorn, criticized in our columns for being a very positive alternative to Legend of Zelda. Moreover, when it was first released in 2013 before later being exported to consoles, the title received several nominations and awards including game of the year 2013 (computer capsule) and best independent game 2013 (Apple App Store).

In addition to these Oceanhorn applications, the studio has also produced Death Rally and Bike Baron 2, but also an “enrichment” of the Oceanhorn universe and Oceanhorn – Chronos Dungeon, a game available on Apple Arcade from 2021 using the gameplay of Dungeon. Crawler-like and inspired by classic 16-bit era titles. Two years later, Oceanhorn 2 – Knights of the Lost Realm is coming to us on PS5, Xbox Series and PC, with a big difference compared to the first opus: a view now completely in 3D instead of the isometric 3D.

A great adventure

Unlike the first opus, if the application has a “2” in its name, it is not a sequel but rather a chronological prequel located a millennium before the events of the first Oceanhorn in the name. This is the opportunity to learn more about the Lore and the universe through a beautiful story to follow, taking advantage of several twists but unfortunately missing a better stage.

In the world of Gaia, a mysterious scene took place eighteen years ago: the mage Mesmeroth, friend of Mayfair (a knight), entrusted her with a baby. After this ellipsis, which is 18 years later, we incarnate precisely this child who has grown well since; Mayfair, while taking care of him, even taught him the way of horsemanship.

Today is a big day: it’s time for our apprentice hero to become a real knight. But what he doesn’t suspect yet is that he will have to protect the kingdom from Mesmeroth and his entire army. For this, he will have the support of the Owrus, the Gillfolk and the Arcadians in particular. A great work from the perspective that our hero will be able to live with allies: Trin, and Gen.

An ambitious and beautiful Zelda-like

Like the first part, Oceanhorn 2 takes an Action-Adventure structure strongly inspired by the adventures of Link (The Legend of Zelda) except that this time, as we said earlier, the general view is changed to a classic 3D . Without real surprise, the developers have reviewed all the elements of the game above by becoming even more ambitious than before.

The first element to remember: our character cannot jump, at least on our own, that means there is no associated key to gain height or go from platform to platform for example, the jumps were already here ‘precalculated’. Let’s say for simplicity that if you have elements at shoulder height, the hero can climb on them or even jump more or less long alone, depending on the course on the distance from the objects and other elements of the landscape (rocks, barrels , etc.). So, even if you feel that certain “jumps” could not pass, do not hesitate to try, the logic is sometimes not the same.

Apart from that, before you talk purely about exploration -and the destruction of jars, tall grass, among others-, there is obviously a dose of combat in real time against various opponents -even if we would like a little more full of beasts. Quite classic in the approach to defeat/fight opponents, you can use various techniques such as sword strikes or a pistol with special shots, but also avoid enemy blows by dodging, while paying attention to certain actions, such as the letter, drawing on a “endurance” gauge.

We assure you, in order to pay attention to the weaker enemies, or who received more damage, a close-on present, it is just a little “hidden” compared to the rest, but if you regularly play games video, you will already find its dedicated place (we give you a thumbs up, just press the right stick). With this series, the games are more beautiful and we get more practice against the different bosses in the game, although a bit simple because they are more classic.

Where Oceanhorn 2 – Knights of the Lost Realm stands out is its strong penchant for exploration, rewards and puzzles, something that we particularly appreciated on its big brother, and still appreciates here. Already in order not to make you circle in circles for hours, studio Cornfox & Brothers had the positive idea to directly apply the number – and even often the location of important objects, such as “stones of blood” or chests, without facilitating. access So you always have to have this positive dose of reflection, solve puzzles or simply come back with “new power” ​​in your pocket.

We are thinking, for example, of tools that we have already seen in other productions (Who said The Legend of Zelda?) such as a grappling hook for example, the utility of which we will obviously keep silent about – if there is still any. – pure initiation. But without too much spoilers, there is also a specific weapon, the pistol, which buys elementary functionality, themselves thus following up on wonderful ideas for puzzles, just like those linked to the fortune companions of our hero. Although for some puzzles, we found that they would deserve more exploitation, because there was still more to do. Last little point, for our allies to help us -and even in confrontation-, we must give them orders, help remains useful in short, which can be done from a wheel of weapons – in general lacking in ergonomics.

Very beautiful

For its graphic and technical palette, this release on New-Gen allows the title to decorate itself with remastered graphics, but mainly with a 4K and 60FPS aiming action and a really very clean overall rendering. Although it is a new independent production, in addition to the lack of some facial expressions and a scene that we would like to elaborate, the artistic direction is very beautiful, as well as for the various environments visited made under the Unreal engine. While they were well colored, the details and animations are many, and the game and light effects are very well done. On the other hand, unlike the first part, the musical compositions of the title are now signed by Benedict Nichols, nomination for the Ivors. 2022. Omni, Dread Hunger or The Falconeer (award for excellence in audio). Unsurprisingly, therefore, particular care has been taken on the beautiful theme music of Oceanhorn 2 – Knights of the Lost Realm, to be truly in harmony with the various moments experienced during the season. Finally, you must know that the interface and other text elements are in French.

Tested on PS5

With its inspiration from Link’s wings, its beautiful exploration, its beautiful visuals, its general gameplay, its sound theme or its puzzles, Oceanhorn 2 – Knights of the Lost Realm is an excellent alternative to adventure games like The Legend of Zelda, and this without necessarily being on a Nintendo Switch browse it. If it is just sometimes a little too ambitious in relation to its status, and therefore decorated with some imperfections, this does not spoil the action typical of positive adventure games.

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