October 29 and November 5. Training Dealing with dementia for children! custom dates! | HC news

The training below is instead of the previously published training on October 22 and October 29, 2020

A parent with dementia

Mantelzorg & Meer will start a two-part training course ‘Dealing with Dementia’ in Hoofddorp for children of someone with dementia and a six-part training for partners of someone with dementia.

Dementia means quite a bit to everyone involved. Understanding what the disease does to someone and how best to respond to it can make a big difference in everyday life. Because how do you deal with your changing partner or parent, how do you keep in touch?

This training is based on the experience-oriented approach: going along with the experience and emotional world of the person with dementia. This has a positive influence on daily functioning and offers space for real contact. The training is free of charge.

Place and dates

For children of someone with dementia, 7.30-9.30 pm:
October 29 and November 5, Heimanshof, Wiegerbruinlaan 1, Hoofddorp

You can register via the agenda on the site or via 020 5127250.

The course is intended for informal carers in the Haarlemmermeer

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