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Facebook has dropped support for Oculus Go apps and games with its new Quest 2 VR glasses. This confirms Oculus CEO John Carmack on Twitter. The original Oculus Quest did support these applications and games.

The lack of support for Oculus Go apps was noticed by a Twitter user, reports Road to VR. Oculus-topman John Carmack confirms to this user that Oculus Go support has been dropped on the Quest 2. Carmack writes that he has completely lost the “internal debate about backwards compatibility”.

As a result, new Oculus users who purchase a Quest 2 will no longer be able to purchase Oculus Go applications. Current Oculus users who already own Oculus Go apps will also no longer be able to use these games and apps if they switch to the Quest 2. Oculus Go games that have been fully ported to the Quest by their developers will continue to work .

The original Oculus Quest, that in 2019 appeared on the market, was able to handle Oculus Go apps and games. Who got VR glasses na release a sort of emulation mode that made the Quest pretend to be an Oculus Go.

Facebook subsidiary Oculus released the Go headset in 2018. These VR glasses had a starting price of 209 euros at release and were one of the first standalone VR glasses. Earlier this year Oculus already reported that the company would stop selling Oculus Go headsets.

The Oculus Quest 2 was released earlier this week at a suggested retail price starting at 350 euros. The VR glasses had already been discredited because users were obliged to link a Facebook account to their Quest 2. A German regulator already mentioned that ‘possibly illegal‘. Mandatory Facebook account also emerged as the main drawback of the VR glasses in the Oculus Quest 2-review from Tweakers.

The original Oculus Quest (left) and the Oculus Quest 2

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