July 13, 2019

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Odriozola, a clavicle that made him work very hard

It happened on April 19 and the injury had many more complications than the mere words of its mention. Álvaro Odriozola fractured his left clavicle during training. "After the tests performed by the medical services of Real Madrid has been diagnosed with a fracture of the left clavicle," said the part. The Basque had to leave the session after suffering a fall after a race with the Brazilian Vinicius and was transferred to undergo the medical tests that confirmed the ailment. The defender missed the rest of the season. Now he works hard with Zidane and Bettoni to confirm his progression.

Last season he added 22 games, 1,856 minutes, a goal and six assists until he was injured on April 19; Real Madrid's right-back is well covered with Carvajal and with Gipuzkoa

His recovery began immediately. The work to overcome the injury and return to play with his usual speed and nerve was a challenge for months. That nothing went wrong, nothing complicated. Today, in Montreal, he highlights that he feels "happy" for his recovery and for returning to work in perfect conditions.

"It was two and a half months hard because I could not be with the team contributing my bit. Now, I am very happy and satisfied with the recovery. Everything went very well and the clavicle is in perfect condition, "says the Gipuzkoan from Canada. «It has been a lot of work and sacrifice. With the clavicle as I had it, I had to work a lot. When you are already on the lawn with your companions, you savor the fruit of that work. I am grateful to the medical services of Real Madrid and to the physiotherapists, who have done a spectacular job so that I can be here with my colleagues. "

Last season, Álvaro Odriozola played 22 games, added 1,856 minutes, with one goal and six assists as baggage. The injury prevented him from playing more. This season will be his confirmation as a replacement for Carvajal. The right side is well covered with both.