“Of course that is a stab in the heart for every Schnitzelbanggler”

The Schnitzelbank companies initially had for the Carnival 2021 a protection concept worked out to make appearances despite Corona. However, the current regulations now make implementation impossible.

Protection concept in progress since late summer

“We began to think about how we could go through a Schnitzelbank Carnival,” explains Rolf Zwicky Chairman of the 1914 Committee.

The subject of these efforts was a protection concept for the schnitzel bankers. Among other things, the Schnitzelbänkler should have gone to bars in the city center for lunch and on Tuesday.

“On the one hand, it was about how the schnitzel banks should behave. On the other hand, it is about what we ask for special conditions in the bars, ”explains Edi Etter, chairman of the Schnitzelbank Comité.

Singing ban and gastro closure

The concept would have been based on the existing specifications in the catering and theater area.

Nothing will come of these plans now. Due to the measures decided by the Federal Council last Wednesday. “There are two reasons. The first is that we don’t have any bars. The second is the ban on singing for non-professional singers ”, as Edi Etter explains the cancellation.

The six Schnitzelbank companies have no choice but to cancel all activities.

There are verses this year anyway

But there will still be schnitzel bankers who forge verses and recite them, for example, via the Internet. “There are always” bangs “who put their thoughts on paper all year round and are then ready,” says Zwicky to Telebasel.

According to Etter, about twenty “banglers” are ready to perform. “This part has prepared itself and told me that they want their helmets ready by two weeks before the” Fasnacht “,” says Etter.

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One last spark of hope

Last year the Schnitzelbank verses were broadcast from the Telebaselstudio. “It’s very difficult for the Schnitzelbänkler to sing without an audience”, but according to Etter one has learned from this situation.

“Last year you could gain experience and this year it would definitely go better,” says the chairman. So it is not yet ruled out that the written verses will come to the people anyway.

“I am convinced that many people in the city and all over Switzerland would enjoy hearing Schnitzelbank,” says Etter, adding: “I am convinced that it will bring a lot.”

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