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[email protected]#$% of strikes at Ubisoft and layoffs at Xbox and Bethesda

Not Tuesday morning, but Wednesday morning, the Peepshow is ready for you. The column where two veterans discuss the business side of gaming. Regular hosts Boris and JJ are here to watch and comment on what happened in the past week. Also this week, the two are holding on the subject of Microsoft’s purchase of Activision / Blizzard. No news is positive news, we say. What are they talking about? The latest developments in Ubisoft, where peace just does not want to fall. There may even be a strike by the employees at the headquarters in Paris. They also talk about mass layoffs at Microsoft and Google. What’s going on there? You will see and hear this and other news on Peepshow on Tuesday, January 25, 2023.

Ubisoft employees revolt against Yves Guillemot

Things are very restless at Ubisoft. Yves Guillemot’s message that the company’s success depends on the work ethic of its employees doesn’t exactly go down well. So poor, in fact, that employees at the headquarters in Paris want to go on strike next Friday. What’s going on? Why are the wishes of employees different from the wishes of management? Is there a solution? Boris and JJ discuss it extensively in this edition of the Peepshow.

Halo Infinite and Starfield developers hit by wave of layoffs

Recently, things have been very poor in the so-called technology sector. Rain will fall termination in March. In recent days it is Microsoft and Google turn. More than 10,000 jobs have been cut in both superpowers. What’s going on? And will the layoffs also affect Microsoft’s gaming arm? If yes, which studios were affected? You will get all the answers as soon as you have pressed the famous play button.

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