Ofertas de Apple Watch Series 5 por Black Friday 2020

Ofertas en Apple Watch Series 5

All the offers that we are finding for this device is in your GPS + Cellular version. This is a version in which you can, through an eSIM, contract a mobile data rate with which you can always have an internet connection from the clock without depending directly on the iPhone. As you may already know, this watch is available in various construction materials and with different types of straps, so the range of offers that currently exists is wide. You can check all the offers available so far in our special showcase in which we have added these discounts.

It’s still a trendy watch

Yes, we already know that the Apple Watch Series 6 is on the market. We also know that it is a great watch and that it has some interesting news such as the measurement of oxygen in blood, but the truth is that the difference between devices is minimal. If this added health function is really not essential for you, you could seriously consider purchasing one of the watches on sale now.

Apple Watch Series 5 features a advanced chip that allows you to open applications and carry out sports training functions with total fluidity. It is also very accurate in functions of health like measuring heart rate and even getting an electrocardiogram. What is also striking about this generation is that it added the “Always On Display”, which has been the possibility to always have the screen on, Without this, I also generated a high consumption since the refresh rate of the screen goes to 1 Hz.

As to battery It must be said that it is one of the Apple watches that has the most autonomy, even reaching more than one day of use. And as far as utility is concerned, the fact of acquiring it in one of the aforementioned LTE versions means that it can be used at any time, being ideal for athletes who want to train on the street without having to carry the iPhone to listen to music or be communicated in emergencies.

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