Off-the-shoulder silk T-shirt: Romina Malaspina’s sensual look

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October 16, 2020 13:51

The host filmed herself before going on the air and had a fun crossover with her co-workers.

Romina Malaspina shared her look before going on the air (Photo: Instagram @rominamalaspina)

With 2.4 million followers on his Instagram account, Romina Malaspina gain space in the media and share content daily with your audience.

In fact, thanks to her foray into journalism -with the leadership of the Channel 26 newscast- the model considerably increased her popularity and each of her publications generates great repercussion on the networks.

Romina Malaspina posed nude (covered by a sequined dress) and was on the verge of censorship

On this occasion, the blonde shared a series of stories on her Instagram account in which she has a fun round trip with her co-workers before going on the air.

Dressed in a white silk shirt that leaves her shoulders exposed, the model posed in front of her cell phone camera while playing with her hair. “What is he doing?” One of his colleagues from the newscast is heard in the background.

Far from being silent, Romina responded with amusement: “Leave me alone please. I don’t know what they smoked today to go live ”.

“My home office”, Romina Malaspina’s sporty look to work from home

The funny video of Romina Malaspina with her coworkers

Next, the young woman filmed her partner Teo Coquet, who, thanks to the application filter, appeared with a blush on his cheeks and long eyelashes and launched: “Stop bothering me.”

Later, she told her audience that an Italian friend gave a “like” to a photo of the journalist. “I ‘like’ a Galician friend of Romi, watch out,” says the young man to which she corrects him: “She’s not Galician, she’s Italian.” And they continued to joke about it.

Video source: Romina Malaspina Instagram

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