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Offers the third vaccine dose to anyone over 65 in Trondheim

The case is being updated.

The government has decided to follow the National Institute of Public Health’s recommendation to offer a refresher dose to nursing home residents and people who have reached the age of 65.

The third dose can be taken no earlier than six months after dose two.

– The order of vaccination follows the same priority as for the first vaccination. This means that nursing home residents and everyone over the age of 85 receive an offer first, then the age groups 75-84 years and finally the age group 65-74 years, Trondheim municipality states in a press release.

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Prioritizes flu vaccine

The inhabitants of the priority groups will receive notification via SMS when they can book an appointment. People in nursing homes will be informed by health professionals where they live.

NIPH will prioritize sending out flu vaccines in the future, so a third dose of coronary vaccine will not be available until the end of October.

– It is important that the elderly accept the offer of influenza vaccine because we expect more severe outbreaks of influenza this season. The elderly have an increased risk of a serious course of influenza. There should be at least one week between flu vaccine and coronary vaccine, the municipality writes.

According to the National Institute of Public Health’s assessment, there is currently no basis for recommending a refresher dose to the rest of the population, and Trondheim municipality will follow the same recommendation.


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