Official Apple Watch 6: sleep tracking, blood oxygen levels, new chip, what you need to know

File updated on September 15, 2020 at 9.45 p.m. with official information.

The Apple Watch Series 6 was the first product Apple announced in its September 15 keynote. This new connected watch retains its rectangular design but is armed with a new processor and new functions.

A “lite” model was also presented. Called Apple Watch SE, this watch is powered by the Watch Series 5 chip and does not include a pulse oximeter.

All versions of Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE will be available on September 18.

For posterity, we leave you the many rumors of which they were the subject. They are classified in antecchronological order (from the most recent to the oldest).

The next Apple Watch should be presented on September 15 during a first keynote before the one reserved for iPhone 12, 12 Pro et 12 Pro Max. There is still a lot of speculation surrounding this new smartwatch. We have compiled the plausible and compelling information based on the latest Apple leaks, rumors and patents.

To follow today’s keynote, which begins at 7 p.m. (French time), simply click on the player below:

Apple should take advantage of the event to also lift the veil on a iPad Air 2020, other products and several services:

Better autonomy

The Apple Watch is expected to have a higher capacity battery this year. This is without a doubt one of the most anticipated improvements and there are many rumors pointing to it. The latest watchOS update also gives us some clues. 3D Touch technology would say goodbye in favor of the Haptic Touch function. Apple would then have enough room to integrate a larger battery.

New dials, but no boutique

The Apple Watch has tons of customizable watch faces ranging from Disney characters to weather-focused interfaces. But Apple hasn’t loosened the reins to incorporate watch faces from third-party developers, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Apple could instead allow users to share watch faces. According to 9to5Mac, each dial setup will be shared as a single file via AirDrop. There would also be new design options with an analog type tachometer that will measure speed and distance. You can also use the shared albums in your photos app to create a personalized watch face that cycles through photos. Finally, WatchOS 7 would add an “international” option that would allow you to choose a country’s flag as the watch face.

A new fitness app?

The Apple Watch 6 could go even further in tracking sports activities. According to MacRumors, the company is working on a standalone fitness application. Unlike the existing app that tracks your progress and is already on the Apple Watch (and iPhone), this one would give you guided workouts for different activities like running, cycling, rowing. , weight training, dancing and yoga.

There’s no shortage of third-party fitness apps, but a native app could shut down a lot of them. The app would be available on iPhone and Apple TV as well as Apple Watch 6. And it could be free. The MacRumors report says there is no evidence of a possible payment, but that doesn’t rule out a subscription-based approach like Apple Music.

Natively integrated sleep tracking

This year could be the year when Apple Watch gets a sleep tracking system. Since the acquisition of the Beddit sensor in 2017, a system that fits under the mattress, rumors have circulated about the integration of a similar functionality in the Apple Watch Series 6. A “Sleep app” was also accidentally mentioned. in a screenshot of the Alarm app. The image was spotted by a MacRumos reader last October and has since been removed.

Currently, sleep tracking is available through third-party apps, but one of the biggest hurdles for Apple to offer this service is battery life. Current models last about a day and a half under normal use. The battery would then probably discharge much faster.

Oxygen levels in the blood

Even though the Apple Watch Series 6 lacks a sleep tracking system, Apple will likely continue to develop health and wellness features. The big news this year could be something called SPO2 tracking. In any case, this is what certain lines of code seem to suggest.iOS 14. This would allow the watch to measure your blood oxygen level and alert you if it drops below a certain threshold. The Apple Watch already does something similar with the heartbeat, alerting you if it detects an unusually high, low, or irregular heartbeat. Either way, for this to be possible, the Apple Watch Series 6 will require a new sensor.

Other rumors revolve around glucose and blood pressure monitoring, but they seem less credible.

A kid-friendly Apple Watch Series 6?

The leaked iOS 14 code is said to also refer to new tools for parents. Rather than giving their kids an iPhone, parents who want to stay in touch with their kids could offer an Apple Watch using their iPhone and Apple ID as the host. It would also give parents the final say on what kind of content their kids can access on the watch, like emergency contacts and music.

A SchoolTime feature would even allow parents to determine which apps can be used at what times to limit classroom distractions. It would also involve adapting certain health functions for young users. According to 9to5Mac, the system used for activity tracking is based on different metrics. The Watch will also keep kids on the move by offering virtual rewards when participating in sports or outdoor activities.

A circular design, but not this year

With the exception of a few minor changes, like a bigger screen, different materials, and varying straps, the look of the watch hasn’t changed much since Apple released the first version in 2014. And this year. will be no different.

Rumors of a circular dial have been circulating for a few years now. Some of its counterparts offer a design of this type, so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to think that Apple could follow suit. To add fuel to the fire, the company also issued some patents which show a round display. But for now, that’s only a possibility; the existence of a patent does not guarantee that Apple will use it in a product. Moreover, even if one of these patents did come true, it would likely take years. A change of this magnitude would require Apple to rework the hardware and software. article adapted by CNETFrance

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