Monday, 10 Dec 2018

Official evenings in Washington (even without expensive) at the Kennedy Center Honors post-ceremony party

Ladies and gentlemen, the Senate has spoken. After the honors ceremony at the Kennedy Center, there were enough members of the upper house present in the evening of Sunday evening to constitute a quorum, and the majority decided … that "Hamilton" reigns.

Part of the Broadway Founding Fathers evening program was the favorite segment of lawmakers we encountered on the late night party – paying tribute to country singer Reba McEntire, pop idol Cher, jazz musician Wayne Shorter. and composer Philip Glass.

"Certainly" Hamilton, "said Senator Jeff Flake, when we interviewed him. "We're hams," Arizona Republican wife Cheryl confirmed as they walked to their table, one of the dozens in the Kennedy Center's large lobby.

"Hamilton," said Senator Debbie Stabenow when we caught her. She admits that sometimes the melody "The Room Where It Happens" will come to her mind when she participates, for example, in a conference committee to negotiate the Farm Bill.

Guys, maybe you should form a club or something? Meet after votes for singalongs? Senator Chris Coons, who was watching the pink-themed play with his teenage daughter, Maggie, by his side, said he had tried unsuccessfully to stage a special show for lawmakers at the show that was going on. unfolded in Washington, thinking that they could meet and discuss about it. "There were a lot of partisan conflicts at the time, and they found a way to overcome it," he said. "I do not know, it may be relevant for today?"

The bipartisan mix is ​​at least a staple of the evening's annual dinner and dance party. And this is usually an opportunity for Official Washington to adapt to the legends of the arts honored each year, as well as the myriad of renowned artists who perform on stage to pay tribute to the winners of each year.

But this year, the audacious imported were rare. Dear, one of the winners, apparently had a performance to prepare and could not stay for work. Another, the composer of "Hamilton," Lin-Manuel Miranda, caught a cold (he had already warned reporters on the red carpet that he was in a very strict quarantine). And Cyndi Lauper, who played "If I could go back in time" from Cher (the audience was standing (we saw you, Norah O'Donnell and Kristin Chenoweth)), was nowhere else.

This is how the usual suspects of the city happily went on between them. At a table, CNN's Jake Tapper and French Ambassador Gerard Araud were in conversation. Hilary Geary Ross, the wife of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, was kissing in the air Amy Baier, Bret Baier's wife of Fox News. New House leader Steny Hoyer shook hands with her Democratic colleague from Maryland, Senator Ben Cardin.

After talking with Coons, we informed him that we were going to try to spy on celebrities. "I'm doing the same thing," he informed us. Perhaps he is more successful?

The Trumps had, for the second year in a row, broken with decades of tradition and overturned the evening. Nevertheless, members of the administration came forward and stayed late, including Ross and Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos.

A mixture of power between Hollywood and the Beltway? The actress Amanda Seyfried, who had spoken warmly about her movie partner "Mama Mia" Cher, spied on Nancy Pelosi and enthusiastically directed her to the future president for an interview.

And the discreet atmosphere of the party extended to the dance floor, mostly empty. As the clock ticked at midnight and the well-dressed clients of the arts were thrilled with their plaid coats and their Ubers, the group singing jazzy tunes was almost ignored.

"Nobody dances" lamented a woman to a friend while she watched the scene.

Perhaps his companion would have spoken on behalf of Washington, whose collective agenda is defined these days by these early tweets and the White House's nocturnal leaks: "Ugh, I think we're all too tired. "


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