OJ 2024: Total must «come back around the table», considers François Baroin


This time, it is François Baroin who invited himself in the file of the Olympics of 2024 in Paris. The president of the LR Association of Mayors of France said Monday that Total was "back around the table" for the sponsorship of the Olympics, deeming "regrettable" the positioning of the mayor of Paris. Anne Hidalgo wrote in late March to the boss of the organizing committee of the Olympic Games, Tony Estanguet, to claim exemplary Games on the environmental level and in particular not using sponsors active in fossil fuels, a letter that clearly aimed Total, without naming it. The oil group had finally given up sponsorship.

On Sunday, Emmanuel Macron regretted "moral lessons" and considered that this disengagement, under the pressure of the mayor of Paris, was "not a good idea" because the company could "help finance Games green ".

"McDonald's or Coca are traditional partners"

This "spearhead of the French industry […] must be a partner of the Olympics and I think he will have to come back around the table, said Baroin on France info. We can not stigmatize a company like this one, tell it that it does not belong to the Olympics while McDonald's or Coca are traditional partners and I do not feel that they are actors of the protection of the planet morning noon and evening. "

He also considered that there was "a little bit of politics and positioning on the part of Anne Hidalgo in this subject". "After all, it also sends a strong, thought-provoking message," he admitted, "but I think it's unfortunate because Total is a huge company that employs tens of thousands of people who can not to say that their work is unworthy.


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