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Oklahoma joins Alabama, Clemson and Notre Dame in the playoff field of college football

Oklahoma, who at the time was a blazing and tireless offensive, became the fourth and final team selected for Sunday's college football play-offs. She resisted Ohio State and Georgia contenders at the final evaluation of the 13-member selection committee go to a naughty hotel near Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.

In a four-man final with a combined record of 50-1, the Big 12 champions Sooners # 4 (12-1) will play No. 1 Alabama (13-0) in a national semifinal on Dec. 29 at Orange Bowl in Miami. The other semifinal, as expected, will pit No. 2 Clemson (13-0) against No. 3 Notre Dame (12-0) at Cotton Bowl in Arlington, Tex.

The winners will play in the championship game on January 7 in Santa Clara, California.

With a 39-27 win over No. 15 Texas on Saturday in the Big 12 championship game, Oklahoma won its third playoff bid in the past five seasons of the four-team concept, having already been approved in 2015. 2017. In a sport with a notable lack of parity, Alabama kept its legacy of unblemished playoffs with a fifth run in five seasons, while Clemson earned a fourth consecutive approval. Notre Dame will make her playoff debut.

Only 10 programs have won the top 20 playoff positions available in the last five years, marking the second consecutive year of exclusion of the Big Ten and Pacific-12.

The Sooners had landed at No. 5 last week, just behind No. 4 Georgia and in front of No. 6 Ohio State. The committee, made up of five former coaches, five sports directors, a former player, a university president and a journalist, has allowed Oklahoma to advance the gap. Ohio State by analyzing their resumes very similar. When she eliminated Georgia from No. 4, she also helped ensure that no team that had recorded two losses in the regular season had reached the playoffs.

Still, Georgia (11-2) sits in 5th place after its tight and ruthless defeat, 35-28 Saturday with No. 1 Alabama at the Southeast Conference championship match, with the # Ohio State (12-1) ranked 6th, cementing the second consecutive season in which the Buckeyes won the Big Ten but finished just outside the imperfect realm, and the third consecutive season, a Big Champion Ten was eliminated in the playoffs.

In the top 25 final of the commission, Michigan (10-2) held 7th place just before the 8th UCF (12-0), which showed an extraordinary depth Saturday by winning the championship of the American Conference. Athletics with the substitute quarterback, Darriel. Mack, after his star McKenzie Milton had injured his knee the previous week.

Washington (10-3), the Pacific-12 champion, took 9th place ahead of three 9-3 teams: the 10th Florida, the 11th LSU and the 12th Penn State. Washington State (10-2), who led an unlikely 10-1 season before losing to Washington, was 13th and possibly injured, ahead of 14th Kentucky (9-3) and 15th Texas (9-4).

The UCF's No. 8 ranking, the highest ever for a second-tier team in the top division, earned him his second-place finish for the coveted New Year's Bowl as a representative. Group of Five. Fresno State (11-2), champion of the Mountain West Conference (11-2), was rejuvenated and ranked 21st, while Boise State (10-3), finalist of the conference, took the top honors. is ranked 25th.

Of the 20 teams selected over five seasons to play in the playoffs, six have organized undefeated regular seasons, while 14 have lost only once. The Bulldogs (11-2) seemed to have a good chance after this heartbreaking defeat against Alabama, but they also took an explosive shot at LSU 36-16 on 6 October.

The Sooners, meanwhile, had played the season in a new way considering the 149-year history of the game, but in a fashionable way considering the time. They had operated on the No. 1 offensive strength ranked, a fascinating show with freshman Kyler Murray, also a signatory to the Oakland Athletics Major League Baseball. They had prospered despite a paper mache defense. Even a committee filled with former coaches who could have found such a defense because of headaches and night sweats exceeded that.

The Sooners averaged 577.9 yards per game in attack, or 8.75 yards per game in offense, and 49.5 ppg, all ranked first nationally, with 8.75 yards above the second. team, Alabama. Conversely, they rank No. 108 in total defense (448.1) and No. 102 in defense per yard per game (6.03), even though Ohio State occupies positions No. 67 (total) and # 80 (yards per game) in these categories. areas.

When Oklahoma beat then-No. 14 Texas on Saturday, he had beaten all teams on his schedule and had avenged the 48-45 loss to Texas in Dallas on Oct. 6. The Sooners' only defeat against a neutral-ranked team has become a kind of balm against the Ohio State's only setback, a 49-20 win at Purdue on 20 October. Oklahoma and the Ohio State both beat three ranked teams and seven eligible teams in the final standings, while Ohio State had the best win of the lot, a 62 -39 Michigan Masters, the # 7 team of the committee last week, November 24.

Notre Dame became the third team to reach the playoffs without winning a conference, but the first to wear the distinction because it does not play in a conference. Among the qualifying teams for the playoffs without a conference championship, the Fighting Irish will succeed Ohio State, a member of the Big Ten, in 2016 and Alabama, a member of the SEC, in 2017.


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