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Oladipo and his long absence: “I know I will return to my best level” – NBA

The back of the Pacers is gradually recovering from a large injury to the quadricipital tendon, which kept it out of the woods for almost a year. We were able to talk with the All-Star 2018 and 2019, also elected player with the most progress two years ago, during his stay in New York on Friday evening.

From our correspondent in New York,

Victor, you couldn’t finish the game tonight (Friday). Is this a precautionary measure?
Victor Oladipo: Yes, it’s just back pain. It was not worth trying to come back, we preferred to play it safe. I hope that will be settled before Sunday, for the game against the Raptors … There it is too early to know, we will see. It was a little weird action, my body got into an unusual position and my back started to throw me.

Your coach (Nate McMillan) said it’s like the preseason for you, that you’re not used to NBA rhythm yet …
No, I feel good. Above all, I try to choose the right moments, get up on my legs. Rediscover my feelings on the ground. I don’t want to make excuses for myself. Nor do others do it for me.

What are your feelings since your return?
It’s different. My role is no longer the same. Neither are the opportunities. The game situations are quite different too, there are several new players. So you have to adjust to that a little bit.

In particular to your new teammate Malcolm Brogdon?
We are still in the process of adapting to each other. We could only play a few games together, suddenly. So it’s not going to come suddenly. It’s a process there too.

“All this support is super positive”

How did you live this year?
It was strange. I could not do the work I usually do during the summer because of the rehabilitation. Then I didn’t have a Training Camp, either. I worked hard, but it had nothing to do with my usual job. And even less in match situations. Nothing can replace that. It’s going to take me a little while even to really get used to it. But it will come. In the meantime, I have to go on the floor and readjust myself.

We see a lot of people in the NBA family coming to cheer you on before the game. Is it important to you?
That’s really nice. I have had a lot of support, across the NBA. I went through several teams, I know a lot of people … So receiving all this support is super positive. It makes me want to keep fighting, to return to my best level.

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It shows how important you are to the NBA in general?
Yes, completely. I feel like this league is sending me great things. I have to keep playing, play hard, and keep improving. I have to take the days one after the other. The rest will come by itself.

Is there also a form of impatience?
Not really. I only want the best. To be the best. To be the best team. It will still take me time, necessarily, to be at my best. But when I get there, I know what kind of player I can be. To be the best, you have to win matches, evolve at the highest level. That’s why sometimes I can seem impatient.

The team held up well in your absence, too, despite other injuries …
We all know that we have to adapt. If one of us is injured, it’s the other to take over and keep the team on top. We have enough players who can enter the field and play a lot of minutes.

Can all these difficulties make you better, collectively and individually?
Clearly. You have to know how to appreciate the process. Know how to be patient. In the end, I trust, I know that I will return to my best level. And my best days will come.


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