Older adults with diabetes or hypertension will receive care and medicines at home: Alfredo del Mazo

Toluca, State of Mexico.- Governor Alfredo del Mazo Maza reported that, before the health declaration issued by the federation, the government of the State of Mexico supports the actions to face the new stage of COVID-19 and assured that being A sector vulnerable to this disease, 120 thousand older adults who have registered for diabetes or hypertension in the state, will receive care and medication at home so as not to expose them to possible infections and take care of their health.

“The most vulnerable groups are the elderly and those who suffer from previous medical conditions. To assist them, we have 5,000 health caregivers who will take preventive medicine schemes to their homes.

“We have registered 120,000 older adults who suffer from diabetes or hypertension, to protect them, they will be given the medicines necessary to take care of their health in their homes,” he said.

He explained that to treat respiratory diseases, the state health sector has 900 respirators, and 100 more will be purchased to reach a thousand, and announced that surgeries and external consultations will be rescheduled, to focus attention on emergencies.

Alfredo Del Mazo stated that the State of Mexico has the largest health system in the country and has an adequate hospital infrastructure to deal with this pandemic, since more than 20,000 doctors and 30,000 nurses work in the sector, there are 1,296 Medical Units, 70 hospitals and 8,400 hospital beds and stressed that the pertinent measures have been taken before COVID-19.

“What have we done to prepare ourselves? We have installed 60 Mobile Medical Units to diagnose respiratory diseases, we have designated 25 hospitals to carry out the COVID-19 tests and six hospitals that will exclusively attend hospitalization cases. We have the State Public Health Laboratory , certified by INDRE, to carry out the tests.

“We are equipping the medical personnel who will be taking care of the infected patients, acquiring N95 masks, gloves, triple-layer masks, goggles and special Tyvek suits for the protection of medical personnel,” he explained.

The governor also called on the citizens to redouble their efforts and make the necessary sacrifices to stay at home and only go out to carry out essential activities, and stressed that isolation is a priority as it is the most ideal way to stop infections.

“Today it is essential that we redouble our efforts and make the necessary sacrifices. I call on all families to follow the measures of the health emergency declaration issued by the Government of Mexico, especially that of staying at home,” he said. .

He also reiterated that people who present symptoms or some respiratory disease can communicate on the phone
 800 900 3200, where health experts provide care 24 hours a day, all week.

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