Oleg Romantsev: I see Spartak fifth and sixth

Oleg Romantsev: I see Spartak fifth and sixth

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Former head coach of Spartak Oleg Romantsev shared his thoughts on the situation of teams in the standings of the Russian Premier League, suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Everything is in a frozen table in its place. Is the separation of “Zenith” deserved? Separation is a variable value. Nothing new: somewhere, someone was a bit short of luck, someone, on the contrary, was lucky to score unexpectedly, and a leading football player was injured in the meantime – the result is affected by the sum of a variety of different conditions and circumstances. And they change from round to round. In my opinion, Zenit is not so strong as anyone to be considered a champion long before the finish, but its first place is fair.

As for Spartak, it seems to me that it is slightly lower than it can and should. I see him as the fifth or sixth, ”Romantsev’s words are quoted on the Match TV channel’s website.

The standings of the championship of Russia season-2019/2020

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