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Olimpia and Vida tie in La Ceiba and leave everything for the semifinal round in Tegucigalpa – Diez

Minute by Minute of the semifinal leg between Vida and Olimpia

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GAME OVER! Vida and Olimpia draw 0-0 in the semifinal first leg of the Apertura 2020 in Honduras.

¡POST! Luis Palma received from the left, left Leverón on the ground and took a shot that crashed into the post. Olympia was saved at 90 + 2.

90′ The referee indicates 3 minutes of replacement in La Ceiba.

YELLOW for Javier Portillo for a foul against Elder Torres at minute 85.

SEARCH FOR! Elder Torres’ shot from the front that passes near the frame defended by Edrick Menjívar at minute 84.

CHANGE in Olympia: Carlos Pineda enters for Deiby Flores at minute 82.

CHANGE in Life: César Guillén enters for Dayron Suazo at minute 81.

YELLOW for Denis Meléndez for a foul against Josman Figueroa in the 70th minute.

CHANGE in Olympia: Josman Figueroa enters for Marvin Bernárdez in the 76th minute.

73′ Olimpia advances lines and looks everywhere for the goal. Life retreats very well.

SEARCH FOR! German “Patón” Mejía controls in the front and takes a powerful shot that José Mendoza covers without problems. Olympia tries it at 68.

SEARCH FOR! Free kick taken by Carlos Sánchez that passes near the frame defended by Edrick Menjívar. Olympia is saved at 63.

CHANGES in Life: Elder Torres and Dayron Suazo enter for Carlos Horacio Argueta Luis Meléndez and at minute 59.

SEARCH FOR! Center of Marvin Bernárdez and Eddie Hernández head sends her to one side of the frame. Life is saved at 59.

CHANGES in Olympia: Eddie Hernández and José Alejandro Reyes enter for Yustin Arboleda and Matías Garrido in the 57th minute.

55′ Deiby recovered in the center, took a mark and in the front instead of shooting, he sent a pass that went down the longest line.

53′ Carlos Sánchez tried to go back for José Mendoza and the ball ended up escaping down the end line. Corner kick in favor of Olimpia.

50′ Throw-in for Olimpia in the center of the field. Vida presents the visiting box upstairs.

THE SECOND PART BEGINS! Life 0-0 Olimpia for the semifinal first leg of the Apertura 2020.

CHANGE IN Olympia: Edwin Rodríguez ingesa by José Mario Pinto.

END OF THE FIRST PART: Vida and Olimpia are drawing 0-0 at the Ceibeño stadium for the semifinal first leg of the Apertura 2020.

YELLOW for Deiby Flores for a foul against Carlos Sánchez at minute 43.

ANOTHER PLUG! Denis Meléndez shook off a mark on the front and took a cannon shot that forced Menjívar to fly to his right and send for a corner. Olympia is saved at 40.

¡ADHESIVE! Leaked ball for Luis Palma who took a powerful shot that Edrick Menjívar contained in two halves. Olimpia is saved at 37 ‘.

OUTSIDE! Free kick taken by Garrido who goes over the frame defended by José Mendoza.

YELLOW for Carlos “Mango” Sánchez for a foul against Matías Garrido at minute 34.

33′ Alexander Aguilar’s cross for Escalante, who took a deflected header that escapes down the end line.

31′ Olimpia presses, Vida retreats well and seeks to do damage on the counter.

28′ Offensive foul by José Escalante. Referee Saíd Martínez warns the coconut palm trees at the wheel.

YELLOW for Luis Meléndez for a stomp against Johnny Leverón at minute 27.

SEARCH FOR! José Escalante steals the ball from Deiby Flores, advances a few meters and from the front takes a shot that forces Edrick to send a corner kick. Olympia is saved at 23.

19′ Maylor’s center on the right that connects Arboleda with a head and José Mendoza runs out of trouble with the ball.

16′ Foul by Carlos Sánchez against Marvin Bernárdez. Free kick in favor of Olimpia on the right.

15′ Throw-in in favor of Vida, but Olimpia quickly recovers the ball.

12′ Free kick in favor of Olimpia for a foul against Garrido that the coconut defense neutralizes and Mendoza keeps the ball.

10′ Neither loosen. Both teams take their precautions at this start of the match in La Ceiba.

5′ Even game so far in the center of the field. Both teams still do not create any clear of danger.

STARTS the game Life vs. Olimpia for the first leg of the Apertura 2020 semifinal in Honduras.

5:10pm Referee Saíd Martínez takes the field accompanied by his assistants.

5:00pm The white soccer players also retire to the dressing rooms. On the outskirts of the Ceibeño stadium, fans of the club can be seen singing songs to the sound of drums.

4:55 pm The Vida players retire to the dressing rooms. The albos still work on the grass.

4:47 pm The Olimpia players are already warming up. The game starts at 5:15 pm.

4:36 pm The grass of the Ceibeño stadium looks spectacular. The coconut players have already jumped onto the field to warm up.

The 11 of Life: José Mendoza, Carlos Meléndez, José Velásquez Colón, Wisdom Quaye, Carlos Sánchez, Luis Meléndez, Denis Meléndez, Carlos Argueta, Jonathan Mazzola, José Escalante and Luis Palma.

The coconut bank: Ricardo Canales, César Guillén, Ronald Maradiaga, Michael Rosales, Raymond Güity, Jeffri Flores, Maykel Pavón, Ederson Fúnez, Elder Torres, Róger Sander, Juan Contrras and Dayron Suazo.

On the 11th of Olympia: Edrick Menjívar, Maylor Núñez, Johnny Leverón, Jonathan Paz, Javier Portillo, German Mejía, Deiby Flores, José Mario Pinto, Matías Garrido, Marvin Bernárdez and Yustin Arboleda.

Albo substitutes: Harold Fonseca, Diego Reyes, José Alejandro Reyes, Edwin Rodríguez, Jorge Álvarez, Samuel Córdova, Mayron Flores, Eddie ernández, Carlos Pineda, André Orellana and Josman Figueroa.

4:15pm Welcome to the Minute by Minute of Vida-Olimpia for the semifinal first leg.


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