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Olly Walls says twin brother "changed number" after years of quarrels

Olly Murs claimed that his twin brother had changed hands after years of strife, despite the singer's efforts to reconcile.

In an interview with Lorraine Kelly of ITV, the singer of X Factor said that he had tried to come to terms with his brother and that he hoped to be able to do it, but his brother had changed his number years after the breakup of the pair.

Ben Hart, who changed his name after years of family feuding, took the name of his wife Amy after Olly did not attend Ben's wedding and did not pay his dues. functions of best man.

When asked if he hoped the couple would reconcile, Olly replied, "I hope so, of course, it would be [good to reconcile.]

Ben and Olly Walls like children

"It's crazy because every year I think it's been nine or ten years that I'm in the industry, it's been a long time since I've talked to him.

"I sent him a text message for his birthday, I think he changed the number, but I'm sure we'll talk again, life is too short.

"At Christmas, it's never the same to not have everyone there."

In an interview with Mail on Sunday in 2009, Ben called Olly "blind seller". "Our family was torn up because of X Factor, it was clear that people like Simon Cowell were more important to thank me."

The twin said his singer brother had not managed to get to their wedding, despite his role as the best man.

He explained why he is still single

But Olly said in a previous interview: "Her marriage was her excuse for not having me in her life anymore.

"He had a relationship with his wife, and I do not think that she ever loved us as a family."

Unfortunately, Olly does not seem too close to finding any one himself, as he told Lorraine that he was expecting someone better than "quite well".

He said: "I am too difficult and even if I came with an instruction manual, nobody would really understand me … I take my time.

"I do not want to accept OK, some people accept a relationship OK, I do not want it."

Olly will participate in the new series of

Lorraine continues at 8:30 on weekdays on ITV.

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