Olot celebrates the ticket in the Cup

Historic was the beginning of the League of Olot doing 8 of 12 possible points, historic was the first round of the team, which was 10 consecutive games without losing, and historical is the classification of Garrotxes for the Cup of the King next year after winning 1 to 4 in Teruel and his pursuers, the Ejea, lost 1 to 0 in the New High Cross, against Sabadell (1-0). Precisely the harlequinats will be the last rider of this course, Sunday at 6 pm at the Municipal, in a duel in which they will play their lives, because they still have a risk of descent. There is a massive presence of Sabadell fans in the stadium.

Olot confirmed his participation in the Copa del Rey 2019/20 in the best way and for the big door. Those from Garrido scored 1 to 4 in the Teruel with a goal from Xumetra, another from Hèctor Simón and a double from Guzmán, who opened as a scorer with the Garrotxa team. «I dedicate the goal to my grandfather, who died recently and was from Teruel. I am doubly satisfied ", said Hector after the game to the microphones of Radio Olot. «A great season in the personal and collective field. It is to value this classification for the Cup, we need to know where we come from and go on growing. This year we have kept the game and the base of the squad, we have to take steps forward. The Second B is very competitive and it costs a lot to win, "added the midfielder Llançà.

For the KO competition of the next course, the 20 teams of the First and the Second 22 are classified, while in the Second B they make the top 7 of each group without taking into account the subsidiaries; that is, 28 sets of the bronze category. Third Division teams will participate 32 teams: the 18 champions and 14 runners-up with the best coefficient, and Llagostera will be one of them. Another new feature is that 10 teams from the highest territorial category will participate. The 20 champions of each federation will compete among them to be among these 10. It must be remembered that all the eliminatory will be the only game until the semifinals, which will have to go back. The rest of the teams of the third group of Segunda B that will accompany Olot to the adventure of the Copa del Rey will be Atlètic Balears, who is already a champion after winning 2 to 1 Lleida at Son Malferit, Hercules, Cornellà, Badalona , Lleida and Ebro.

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