Olot does mrites because it does not score


It is hard to believe that Olot left with empty hands. Especially, with the insistence shown in a second part in which he earned merit for, at least, to add a point. But there was no way and was defeated by the Olympic Camilo Cano by 2 to 1. Javi Cabezas, only started the game and Pedraza, before reaching halfway, scored the local goals. Natalio placed an ephemeral tie between one goal and the other, because it did not last for ten minutes either.

Up to seven occasions, Raul Garrido's men were in 45 minutes in which they were far superior to their opponent. After winning last week at Valencia Mestalla, however, Olot did not manage to score the second consecutive victory. It would have been fine to strengthen the mood, but the team can be calm because competing thus will win many more games than it will lose.

The pity was that, after five minutes, it was already under the marker. A play by Pablo Morgado was sent to the net by Javi Cabezas. It is very difficult to respond well when you enter the playing field worse than the opposite. Because the most normal thing is that they pass you over. Yesterday, however, there was nothing of this. Olot became strong and did not take long to react: Natalio, at 25, took advantage of a great pass by Eloi Amagat to establish an unreal match. Before, the two players in the goal had already tried. And Pedraza, who would finish by scoring the second, finished off the crossbar.

The game, of high rhythm, was unbalanced when Pedraza himself finished a cornering throw at the bottom of the net. Olot had to row again. Too much work Natalio asked for a penalty that the referee did not even ruminate to whistle before leaving for the changing rooms. If in the first part La Nucía was slightly higher, the second was overtaken by a brave Olot that was delivered in body and soul.

Insufficient reaction

First he was in a balloon action stopped, with a header from the central Carles Mas who came out rubbing the post. Héctor Simón and Natalio also calculated wrong, in their attempts. Absolutely dominant, the team from Raúl Garrido was closing the premises near his goal. Wood also played its role. Already with Peque and Kilian, Héctor tried again. It did not work well either. Desperate, Olot continued to generate options. But the ball did not want to enter. Nor with Xumetra, who had badly missed a great collective move, nor in the agony of a crazy ending in which locals could have been sentenced, with different counterattacks missed by Cedric. The reaction of Olot was insufficient, but maintaining the character that characterizes it is a gift that will give many points.



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