Olympics, Paris 2024 chooses Republican Marianne as logo


Two years after the designation of Paris for the Games in September 2017, and just under five years before the event in the summer of 2024, the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee has changed gear.

Tenders were issued for the main equipment to be built (Olympic Village, Media Center and Aquatic Center). Major sponsors likely to bring their manna to the budget have been contacted. And the record of organizing the Paralympic Games is being finalized. As for the strawberries of the tunnel boring machines, they turn at full speed to deliver on time the metro stations and lines. In short, we went to the concrete.

Equality, fraternity, solidarity, at the heart of the Paris Olympics 2024

"The candidature phase is far behind us, says one at the headquarters of the organizing committee, boulevard Haussmann, in Paris, it was therefore normal to show it through a new communication. " The pretty Eiffel Tower, which had hitherto made the beautiful days of Paris 2024, is stored in the files. Now place a woman's face encased in the silhouette of an Olympic flame, all circled in a form of gold medal. The set exudes an elegant Art Deco note, chosen in connection with the Paris Games of 1924, which marked the peak of this style.

The Paris 2024 Games make their urban revolution

Beyond the style effect, the message that the Organizing Committee wishes to convey is very clear. We move from the city of light likely to attract the vote of the voters of the Olympic Committee, the specific project of Paris 2024, turned on the human and the contribution of sport to society. "The values ​​of humanity, equality and fraternity are at the heart of these Games, which must be useful to everyone, in France and abroad, indicates the communication service. Sport for all and surpassing oneself are at the heart of this ultimately very republican project. "

The first 100% mixed Olympic Games

The risk of nationalizing the message of an essentially international competition did not weigh very heavily, given the incarnation chosen by the authors of the logo (a communication agency closely cornaqué by the Organizing Committee). The fact that the face is feminine also sticks to the principle of perfect parity, targeted by the Olympic Committee for Tokyo 2020. But that will actually be 100% achieved in Paris.

In Search of New Paralympic Champions of 2024

Especially, for the first time, the logo will be common for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. This does not sound like anything, but this point required hours of negotiation with the two organizations concerned, the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee. These two separate institutions not used to working together until now did separate logo and communication.

This difference is no longer relevant to the Organizing Committee, which brings together the 10,500 valid athletes and the 4,350 paras. Moreover, the next major communication of Paris 2024 will focus on the details of the sites chosen for the Paralympic competitions. They will be unveiled before the end of 2019.

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