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OM: DNA police mole on police uniforms in torture containers Wouwse Plantage | Inland

As a police officer, 45-year-old K. from Vianen passed on confidential information from the police systems to criminals for two years. He also sold his police clothes. He was sentenced to four years in prison in December. After his conviction, he had to give up his DNA. This week, the OM received a report from the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) stating that K.’s DNA was found on a uniform in the shed.

In the court bunker in Amsterdam-Osdorp, the court will hold a hearing on Friday about the torture containers that were discovered in June last year after the police could read along with encrypted messages sent by criminals via EncoChat. In one of the torture chambers there was a screwed down chair and police found finger cuffs and shears.

Twelve suspects are now on trial for murder, kidnapping, hostage-taking, extortion and aggravated assault. New to the amended charge is the murder charge. Nine of the twelve suspects are in custody. The suspects invoke their right to remain silent during questioning, the prosecutor said.

Underworld prison

The main suspect is 49-year-old Roger P., aka Piet Costa. He was detained in his cell on October 6, where he was on remand in connection with a major cocaine case. Justice regards P. as the commissioner of the construction and furnishing of the ‘underworld prison’. According to the judiciary, the cause was “a very heated conflict about money.” In encrypted messages sent via EncroChat last year, the police read about victims who had to “sit on the chair anyway” and about kidnappings of women and children.

The Public Prosecution Service wants to hear the substance of the case in court next year. A few more investigations are ongoing. For example, the Public Prosecution Service has asked the NFI and TNO about the soundproofing of the torture containers and how the oxygen content develops if someone is locked up in such a container for a long time.

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