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The news was so rich on the side of OM in recent weeks that Nasser Larguet appeared as a benchmark. A benchmark for the players first, unanimous in saluting the interim repairer of the Franco-Moroccan, but also for the many followers of the club, for whom Larguet is a reliable and regular interlocutor in these times when everything is upset at OM . Sunday in any case, it will be the last game of the trainer on the Marseille bench, pending the assumption of office of Jorge Sampaoli. How did Larguet go about preparing the ground for him and what advice does he give to his players for the future?

Switching from AVB to Sampaoli directly would have been too brutal

The departure of André Villas-Boas shook the players. There are those who had an almost friendly relationship with the Portuguese. Others who, more distant and more professional, simply appreciated his management skills and the skills of his staff. Those, then, who had mentally let go, tired of being put on the bench or simply who no longer reacted to the speech of the former Porto. For all, the common point remained the crisis of confidence and results and this impression that nothing was really going right. Nasser Larguet’s interim will have had the merit of overhauling everything: room for fundamentals, room for competition, room for renewed confidence through play, basics, simplicity and appeasement. Going straight from AVB’s sympathy to Sampaoli’s fury could have been dangerous. More than a month after the arrival of Larguet, the resentments as much as the doubts seem to have been digested and it was perhaps the necessary step to open a new chapter.

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Now it’s time for the offensive out of conviction

In terms of results, if the OM de Larguet did not impress, it has in any case calmed down. Exit the spiral of defeats, hello draws. What to think that the team has stagnated? Not so sure. After a free fall, the interim will rather have served as a soft landing strip. Now it will be time for everyone to roll up their sleeves. Carried on the offensive, Sampaoli’s playing principles will require players to challenge themselves quite a bit as well as constant intensity: The goal was to give them confidence, to make sure not to lose too many games. The goal of the next coach is to give offensive benchmarks, Larguet explained on this subject yesterday at a press conference (see video). “Where do we have to go to put the danger on the opponent? That must be a priority area of ​​work. Talent alone is not enough.” The Olympiens match against Canet on Sunday may be the occasion to end on a good note and to find some offensive impetus, at least through talent. It will certainly be less complicated than against the Lille leader. And once the handover is done between Larguet and Sampaoli, it will be an obligation to honor week after week, this time more out of conviction.


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