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OM: Soon three categories in the OM squad – Season

Nothing will replace the field, and a press conference, even if it is the first of a coach, will not replace the thrill that will inhabit us before a match, like the one that will oppose Marseille and Rennes this Wednesday and which will be a first for Jorge. Sampaoli on the bench of OM. What can be so exciting about a presentation, especially since the individuals invited are used to the exercise? Obviously, the coach will say that he is delighted to be here, that he intends to win and seduce the supporters, and everyone will follow suit. Recall that in the previous one, that of André Villas-Boas, the Portuguese technician presented himself as an offensive coach and no one had found anything to complain about. There too, for this presentation of Sampaoli, let’s not be naive, there was a little rose water, an American quarter of an hour as there could be in the films of the 90s. In particular with the formula of Longoria already used “Sampaoli did not tell me that he wanted to come back to Europe but that he wanted to come to Marseille”. But in this troubled period for OM supporters, the two strong men of the sportsman gave a clear vision of how they see the future of this team. And there is room to tell yourself that it can turn in the right direction.

What if resigning to OM became the best option?

Which is not nothing when you take a look at the workforce. Between the players at the end of the contract who would already have their heads elsewhere, those extended but whom the club would like to get rid of, those who are loaned with an option far too high for what they have shown so far, those that the clubs more Ups will want to recruit and those who we tell ourselves that each passing day brings us a little closer to the famous date of June 30, there are not necessarily 11 elements available for “Sampa”. But the new president has put everything back flat: as announced the day before on the set of Talk Show, Longoria is not looking for a way out for Mandanda and Payet. For Milik, he ensures that OM are still in control, and that the striker is expected to stay next season. As for players at the end of their contract, like Thauvin or Amavi, he recalled that nothing had been done, and that OM is neither more nor less in the situation of many European clubs, like Barcelona or Real Madrid, where Messi and Sergio Ramos, just that, are also out of contract. “All the clubs are more or less in a similar situation with a little insecurity. Except maybe, for example to say a name, Alaba from Bayern who communicated that he was not continuing at the club, they are Germans, they have this way of working, the coach of Monchengladbach chose Dortmund (Marco Rose, editor’s note), it’s a different way of doing things. There is a lot of instability in the transfer window. But I think there is also an expectation on the side of our players to see how they can work with Jorge “. The law of the market could make OM ultimately the best option for the two players still linked to OM for a few months. For now, AC Milan seem to be capturing the mind of the attacking midfielder as the left-back prepares to make his return to the Premier League. But the clubs in question may not be able to position themselves, or will be tempted by other elements also at the end of the contract. At the same time, Sampaoli may give another face to the Marseille club and suddenly, resigning may be the best plan.

Sampaoli anticipates players with whom it does not take

Say like that, it seems a little easy. But even if the Sampaoli-Longoria ticket could not see all his wishes granted, he intends to set the pace in the workforce. For the moment, the first city therefore does not exclude anyone. But he expects to make choices by the end of the season. “Football, for me, is the game above all, and from the start. Gradually, and with the short time that we have, we will make sure to adhere to this philosophy. Some players will adapt quickly, for others it will take longer and unfortunately others will not adapt. The role of the staff, for now, is to try to convince, to seduce the group and to restore the image of the club “. The world will therefore gradually be divided into three categories. First opportunity to judge on documents against Rennes.


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