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They are the three oldest Olympians on this team. Steve Mandanda, the guardian of the temple, Florian Thauvin, the blaster and Dimitri Payet the conductor are not the technical leaders that OM would need in this turbulent period. If there is no question here of questioning their contribution to the club for many years, it is clear that right away, they do not pull their team upwards, which puts OM in difficulty. . So, is it time to turn the page or to push it further?

After the psychological repair, we now wait to see the leaders

Since the arrival of Nasser Larguet at the head of the team, we have praised here the peace and tranquility that the director of the training center has been able to instill in his boys. In this operation more psychological than technical-tactical, we were sometimes able to see concrete results on the ground, at the level of the state of mind first of all. In the game, if we except a pleasant match to watch against Nice (3-2), there is also nothing to bulge the chest and what could be more logical besides, assuming that Nasser Larguet does not have a magic wand and even less the workforce to gain several places in the standings. Last night in Lille (2-0), Steve Mandanda kept OM alive for a long time before breaking down in the last minute while Thauvin had no influence on his wing and Payet, disciplined in his defensive folds, was has not weighed offensively, which is its raison d’être. In video, you can also see the debates around the performances of these three boys during the last Talk-Show of the Phocéen.

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Three OM cars running out of fuel

Yet it is in these moments that we expected the three executives of OM at the level. For Steve Mandanda, if the sentence is cruel at the end of the match, it is clear that he is going through a period without, with a few goals taken on his closed side and less influence in the performance of OM. Florian Thauvin, at the end of his contract with the club in a few weeks (Pablo Longoria still intends to extend it), wanders the field like a lost soul and if his commitment is not scandalous either, his performances, they, approach it. Finally, Dimitri Payet, “Marseillais for life”, seems sharper and more concerned by the fate of his team’s meetings. But, apart from a brief clearing up during his technical relationship with Luis Henrique against Nice, his contribution does not give much when it comes to taking stock of his last matches. While a new coach is about to take over the Olympian team and assuming that Thauvin still has a chance to extend to OM, should we still insist with our three executives in danger? It’s up to you to tell us and discuss it.


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