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Omicron air transmission is strong

  1. Omicron air transmission is strong in the United States. Hong Kong calls for 2-layer masks|TVBS News TVBS Preferred Channels
  2. 2 layer masks are better?Medical warning: fear of increasing the risk of infection Yahoo Chemo News
  3. The waiter in the outfield of Xidi 3 was diagnosed! Wearing a layer of mask is difficult to stop Omicorn?Chen Shizhong pointed out the “key” | Apple News | Apple Daily Taiwan Apple Daily
  4. Executive Diary|Yuan Guoyong changed his tune: Only the infirm need a “marquee” Headline Daily
  5. Too popular! The price of N95 has skyrocketed, and orders for “meltblown cloth” have soared in Taiwan. USTV Extraordinary TV
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