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Omicron Has a Minimum Contagion Period of Six Days

Rate-rate, shedding live virus occurs six days after symptoms appear.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Although it is predicted to be a lighter variant, Omicron can have the same transmission period as other variants. According to recent studies, omicron infection is contagious for at least six days.

This study was conducted by analyzing 56 blood samples from newly diagnosed Covid-19 patients. A total of 37 patients were infected with the delta variant and 19 were infected with the omicron variant. All patients experienced only mild symptoms and none were hospitalized.

Regardless of the infecting variant or the participants’ vaccination history, the research team found that shedding live virus in the participants showed no difference. Average, shedding live virus occurs for six days after symptoms appear.

“About one in four people shedding The virus lives for more than eight days,” said researcher from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Dr. Amy Barczak.

Dr Barczak said it was not yet known how much live virus was spread from patients during the process shedding this. However, these findings indicate that COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms are infectious for an average of six days.

“Sometimes longer,” said Dr Barczak.

According to Dr. Barczak, these findings can be used as a basis for making decisions regarding the isolation period and the use of masks, regardless of the infecting variant or the patient’s vaccination history. This latest finding has been uploaded on medRxiv before going through a peer review process.

Regarding the handling of Covid-19, the drug icatibant sold under the name Firazyr from Takeda Pharmaceutical Co has shown promising results as a treatment for COVID-19. This drug is basically a drug to treat a blood vessel problem called angioedema.

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However, laboratory studies have shown that icatibant may also be useful in the treatment of COVID-19. This drug works by blocking a protein called bradykinin receptor b2 in the kinin system. This protein is regulated by the ACE2 protein present on the cell surface. ACE2 is the “gateway” that is often used by the corona virus to infect.

“Beyond our expectations, icatibant effectively lowered the viral load by more than 90 percent and protected cultured human respiratory cells from death from SARS-CoV-2 infection,” said researcher from the Technical University of Munich, Adam Chaker.

Researchers also found that icatibant uses a different biochemical pathway to steroids to protect the respiratory tract. The findings have been published in the Journal of Molecular Medicine.

source : Reuters

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