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OmniClouds, the leading innovator in the service provider space cloud computing (CSP) and Migrator for the EMEA region, today announced that it has adopted the Versa Secure SD-WAN solution to deliver and expand services worldwide, using the full dedicated SDN network ofOmniClouds providing a unique experience of true cloud computing services based on service contracts (SLAs).

The OmniClouds platform connects branch offices and remote users of its corporate customers to multiple public and private clouds, reducing the expense and complications of cloud adoption around the world. It offers Versa Networks, the leader in secure SD-WAN, software-defined networking over all connectivity for simplified management and dynamic support for adoption and migration to the cloud.

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OmniClouds will not only provide fully hybrid cloud connectivity, but will also use Versa Networks as an overlay on existing connectivity technologies, such as IP-MPLS, microwave, satellite, LTE, or the public Internet, to automate operations and improve connectivity in large geographic areas. This will provide enterprises, governments and SMB customers with a centralized management view of the entire network, allowing them to easily control security, user permissions and settings, such as latency and quality of service.

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OmniClouds will use Versa Cloud Gateways at major cloud service providers in every region and county, which connect with a secure SD-WAN CPE using the Versa Operating System (VOS ™) in data centers, headquarters social and corporate branches. This drastically leads to lower operating costs for customers, facilitates their adoption of cloud services, and enables extended connectivity at remote locations.

Amr A Eid, Group Managing Director and OmniClouds Board Member, said: “OmniClouds is excited and proud of the strategic partnership with Versa Networks, best in class for SD-WAN technologies. We are a global, partner-led organization, serving our SME, public sector, and small and medium-sized business customers through our regional, local and white-label Internet service providers across the whole world. In doing so, we seek strong partnerships for our network technology and visionary, reliable leadership, and Versa Networks is exceptional in all of these aspects. We believe we are setting the standard for cloud connectivity and intelligent application management. ”

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“OmniClouds is a leader in optimizing, migrating and supporting the migration of organizations from traditional Internet connectivity models to modern cloud-based network infrastructures,” said Kelly Ahuja, CEO of Versa Networks. »Secure SD-WAN is the ubiquitous enabling method that enables businesses and organizations to securely, reliably and transparently connect their offices, telecommuters, employees, staff and partners worldwide to private data centers , cloud services and SaaS.M. Versa is thrilled to be working with OmniClouds to provide the best possible solution to growing regions of the Middle East and Africa ”.


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