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Omroep Flevoland – News – Seawaters respond soberly to corona contamination

In Zeewolde, residents respond soberly to the corona infection in their village. On Wednesday, the GGD Flevoland announced that the first infection of the COVID-19 virus in Flevoland was diagnosed in a woman from that location. She has returned from one of the risk areas and is currently home in isolation. Her family members have no complaints, but must also stay at home.

“Quite different to have it that way in Zeewolde,” says a man. “But to get really anxious about it now, considering everything that is going on and the controls that are available, I expect it will be okay.”

“Very intense,” says a young woman. “I heard it this morning and was shocked. We also talk about it at work. Many people are scared.”

“You won’t stop this anymore”
A man who comes walking with his son says: “Worrying, but to be expected. You won’t stop this anymore.” The man now also takes precautions. “You notice that you wash your hands a little faster and coughing people out of the way. On the other hand, life just goes on.”

“I have to stay inside”
Two boys who are playing on the street with their dirt bikes say that they are not really impressed by the virus. Yet one boy wants to go home quickly: “My mother just called and wants me to come home because of the virus. I have to stay inside for the time being, because she doesn’t want me to get it.”

GGD Flevoland advises to follow the national guidelines. That often means washing your hands, sneezing or coughing in your elbow and immediately throwing away the tissue after use.


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