On his birthday, the story of the departure of Mukhlis Al-Buhairi, with a tragic traffic accident

Tuesday, September 15th is the birthday The late artist Mokhlis Al-Buhairy, Who was born on this day in 1943, and left our world on August 29, 2001, and was able to leave a distinct mark in the conscience of viewers through his works in which he participated in his secondary roles.
Boy Artist Mukhlis Al-BuhairiIn Al-Badrasheen, he graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine and worked in the Ministry of Agriculture, then joined the Institute of Theatrical Arts and graduated from it in 1973 and went to work in theater and television, and worked in the artistic home of theater.
وقدم Mokhles Al-BuhairiThe Badrasheen theatrical troupe has two theatrical performances in its artistic beginnings, and has a distinguished record in television drama.

Among the films in which he participated, “Days of Anger, Nasser 56, Days of Sadat, Ladies of My Ladies and the Land of Fear”, and among the plays in which he participated, “Welcome, O Bakwat and the Witch, and the love of Atwa Abu Matwa, and among his other works are East Wind, Musical Chairs, Illusion, Weapon, Call for Love, Living and Salt, Omar Bin Abdulaziz Ward. My heart and the vulgarity, O men of the world, unite, the jaziya and the path of Askar, and the men have heads, and you traveler alone, and the trial of Mr. Mem. ”

He and his wife Karima Labib, 49, and their son Marwan, 10, “Zay Al-Naharda” on August 29, 2001, were killed in a collision their car which “Al-Beheiri” was driving himself, accompanied his family members to Alexandria.

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