“On Salvini’s leash”. Vauro and the cartoon against Ceccardi

“On a leash? Salvini defends Ceccardi: Dare to repeat it and untie it”, “Ghrr”, “Ghrrr”. So Vauro Senesi he thought well to joke about the Northern League candidate for the center-right in Tuscany, portraying the secretary of the Carroccio Matteo Salvini busy keeping to leash, with two hands, a figure that does not appear, but which obviously recalls the presence of a dog, thus making fun of the fact that Susanna Ceccardi would be on the leash of the former owner of the Interior Ministry. In the past few hours the candidate for governor of the Democratic Party had thrown himself against the MEP of the League, a former mayor of Cascina (in the province of Pisa); Eugenio Gianiin fact said: “My real opponent is Salvini, who carries a candidate behind the leash”.

The interested party replied closely: “I don’t want to be a victim, sure left would shout at scandal if one of our representatives told a woman of the opposing side that she is only good at being on a leash like a bitch: cries of indignation would arise at an international level “. “I do not accept lessons from a party based on the cult of the strong male in command who demeans their candidates by using them for purposes that have nothing to do with the political and administrative issues affecting Tuscany”, the counter-polemical response of Giani, who also wanted to increase the dose.

Here, today the thrust of the cartoonist, with a drawing created for Left. “That shame. The usual hypocrisy of a certain left that allows itself to denigrate and insult those who do not think like them. To the contempt of Pd and we respond to hatred as a social center with heart, ideas and courage. Come on Susanna Ceccardi! “, today’s commentary on the cartoon by Matteo Salvini, who captured the wholehypocrisy from Vauro. With parts reversed, as pointed out by Ceccardi herself, the left would scream scandal. In this case, however, there were no voices of dissent and denunciation from the left …

In the center-right row, instead, the Italian took a clear and decisive position Mara Carfagna: “Is everything lawful in the election campaign? No. You cannot disrespect and give free rein to a language full of contempt e misogyny. Eugenio Giani who defines Susanna Ceccardi as a candidate on Salvini’s leash, qualifies him more than his opponent “.

Ceccardi is called to perform a feat in the red region par excellence of the boot, together with Emilia Romagna: it will vote on 20-21 September and the center-right will aim for the coup that could give the Conte-Bis a shoulder.

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