July 5, 2019

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On Venezuelan's independence day, Maduro asks dialogue as Guaido generates dictatorship;

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuela's political factions marked commemorative factions on the day of the country's independence on Friday and President Nicolas Maduro wanted Juan Guaido, the opposition leader and opposition, to alleged violations of human rights by dictatorship. Maduro ”.

Venezuelan leader Juan Guaido, who recognizes many nations as the correct interim ruler of the country, and his wife Fabiana Rosales singing the national song after a special session of the Venezuela National Assembly to mark the 20th anniversary of Venezuela's independence in Caracas, Venezuela 5 July , 2019. REUTERS / Fausto Torrealba

Speaking to a collection of the best military officials, Maduro reiterated its support for a negotiation process between Norway between its socialist government and Guaido, the leader of the National Assembly against opposition and claiming fraud. is re-elected 2018 Maduro.

“There is space for us all within Venezuela,” said Maduro in a speech in Caracas, before seeking military exercises on 24 July to protect the “seas, rivers and borders of the South American country.” T

“We have to give up everything to reach an agreement,” he said.

Venezuela was put into a deep political crisis in January when Guaido claimed the constitution to adopt an interim interim presidency, calling Maduro a usurper. It is recognized as one lawful state by many countries, including the United States and most of South American neighbors.

But Maduro retains Cuba, Russian and Chinese recognition, and is still in charge of state functions and the armed forces. He asks Puido a puppet that supports the US trying to convince him.

Guaido organized a unique day of independence event, calling on supporters to march towards the headquarters of the military anti-glass directorate, or DGCIM, where Rafael Acosta's captain captain died last month after opposition leaders and torture family members in custody.

The march is the first major opposition meeting since the military revolt led by Guaido on 30 April and follow-up protests on May 1st. The government responded to Maduro's attempt to promote warfare against Guaido's lawmakers and military members suspected of participation.

This week, UN human rights chief, former Chile President Michelle Bachelet, published a report announcing Venezuelan's security forces on deaths, torture, alleged forced departures and other violations of rights in recent years. past.

“There is no longer a valid episode to characterize this regime, other than dictatorship,” Guaido told reporters earlier on Friday. "A systematic violation of human rights, defense, torture … is clearly identified in the report (NA)."

The Venezuelan government asked the report “optional” and said that UN sources were not objectivity.

A new round of talks intervened from Norway was initiated following the death of Acosta. Opposition leaders often argue that the Maduro government seeks to use a dialogue to remove its ongoing human rights violations.

In an apparent transmission to Acosta before Maduro, Remigio commander Ceballos said the armed forces had regretted that the events were associated with the loss of retired naval officers. Not naming Acosta, he convinced him of a conspiracy against Venezuelan's state, and those authorities said to investigate the circumstances of his death.

Reporting by Vivian Sequera, Mayela Armas and Luc Cohen, Edited by Rosalba Brien

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