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One cry Amanda and Tash leave MAFS, two more at Breaking Point

Tash and Amanda vote


Hayley intrudes


Never one to bite one’s tongue, Amanda screamed at her: “Everyone here has problems and you don’t see them running through the hills.”

Hayley tried to meddle to defend his friend Tash, but Amanda didn’t have any.

“Hayley, this is our fucking fight now and with all due respect, do it … shut up,” Amanda said.

Amanda, whose parents refused to attend her wedding, continued: “I didn’t get what I came here for and left myself far behind.”

“You deserve love, you deserve warmth and I’m sorry I can’t give you,” said Tash.



Tash also wrote a sentimental letter to his ex “wife” to thank her, who did not leave a dry eye in the house.

“It’s nice to hear, but unfortunately, it wasn’t that difficult,” said Amanda. “I won’t go away hating you, I’m eternally grateful to be part of the experiment.”

Before they left, Amanda had one last message for the spectators.

“Unfortunately, this relationship has not been a good representative of what gay relationships really are,” he said. “There are many gay couples who work well and I’m sorry this didn’t do the gay community justice.”

Mishel and Steve


Meanwhile, the relationship between Steve and Mishel is going from bad to worse. After their big quarrel at the dinner where Steve practically told her to keep quiet in front of Michael and Stacey, Mishel voted to “leave” the experiment, but Steve wanted to “stay” for another week.

John Aiken asked the English barber if he apologized to his wife for how he had spoken to her.

“I didn’t apologize to Mishel because I didn’t think there was anything to apologize for,” he said.

Famous for his exciting ways, Michael intruded: “I remember holding Mishel while he was shaking and losing your temper.”

Mishel added, “When he started raising his voice, he was out of line. He told me to shut up all the time. I’m not stupid even though he thinks it is.

“I am very aware of the way it tries to control me.”

WATCH: Michael and Steve start an explosive discussion over dinner

Mishel took a list (an actual list) of complaints he had written about Steve.

“I am not allowed to swear,” he said. “I’m not allowed to say I’m going to pee or poop. I like Steve to sit at eye level, but Steve likes to stand up.”

“I’m not perfect, said Steve.” I’ve been alone for so long. “

They decide to stay for another week where a preview of Monday night’s episode shows Mishel’s daughter grappling with him about his “control” ways.

As a mother as a daughter, hey?

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