One Electric: Endesa X’s new all-in-one renting for fleets of electric cars – News – Hybrids and Electric

Endesa X continues to provide solutions in the field of electric mobility and this time it does so hand in hand with the company of renting Athlon, in order to give the definitive impulse to electric mobility in the business field.

We all know different companies that offer renting services both to companies and their employees, or even at a private level, where through a single monthly fee we can have a vehicle with insurance and maintenance so that we don’t worry completely. But what if we want to make the leap to sustainable mobility? What would happen if a company wanted to renew its fleet and switch to a hybrid or electric?

The truth is that, to this day, There is no renting that offers a vehicle and a recharge solution in the same fee, and this is the main barrier that many companies find to finally take the definitive step to a sustainable fleet.

With the aim of providing a 360 solution to this problem, Endesa X and Athlon launch on the market OneElectric, the first electric vehicle rental for companies that includes in a single fee the renting of an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle of any brand, insurance, maintenance and tires, and what is more innovative, the installation of charging points, its maintenance and even the possibility of incorporating a bonus of kilowatts to be able to recharge in the public network of Endesa X.

Endesa X and Athlon make two types of renting available (One Electric Bussines and One Electric Home), in order to offer a recharge service both at the workplace and at the homes of employees who own a company vehicle.

Renting One Electric Bussines

Renting solution for companies with installation of a charging point in the workplace included in the fee. With the recharging solutions proposed both at the hardware and software level thanks to these energy services, it will be possible to prioritize recharges and redistribute power to the different vehicles in the fleet according to needs and dynamically control the available power to measure in time. How much energy can be assigned to charging points, so that savings and efficiency in your company will be a reality.

Renting One Electric Home

Renting solution for company employees, in addition to the recharging point solution at the employee’s home included in the fee. Thanks to the integrated MID meter, the consumption of employees can be calculated for their subsequent remuneration and Endesa X has a rate adapted to electric vehicle users, the “Tempo Zero” rate with which you can recharge the vehicle at zero price between 1 and 7 in the morning (up to 250 kWh per bill).

Both include the use of Endesa X’s recharging infrastructure on public roads, so that the customer does not have to worry about anything, and neither do the employees.

Endesa has a proprietary charging technology leader in the global market and the installation process is fully adapted to the different companies, starting with an advice on the best charging solution for the headquarters followed by a detailed study for the future installation of the charging points, until the commissioning of the equipment. In addition, the facilities are always certified and legalized according to current regulations.

The management of the electric fleet both inside and outside the company will not be a problem either, since Endesa X has two tools that will allow monitoring all recharges:

  • JuiceNet: the tool to manage and monitor all the recharges of your fleet in your company
  • JuicePass: the app that will allow you to recharge any electric vehicle outside the workplace. Endesa X has its own extensive recharging network, in addition to interoperability agreements, which allow the user to recharge at a large number of recharging points, which will reach 8,500 by the end of 2023.

With Endesa X and Athlon, the customer will not have to worry about anything, only to choose the type of electric vehicle that best suits the needs of the company and Endesa X will take care of the entire process of installing the charging points accordingly to the needs and size of the fleet.


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