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One more? Thornton is considering the future

Twenty-four. Legendary Joe Thornton has played many seasons in the NHL so far. It is possible that an already hard-to-believe number will not increase. After his season ends with Florida, Thornton will consider what to do next. Ending a career is also a real possibility.

The Canadian striker will turn 43 this summer. This raises the question of whether an experienced fighter needs to chase his dream Stanley Cup. The last chapters of his efforts ended sadly.

He didn’t walk in Toronto, and he barely plays in Florida. He played only 34 games last season, the youngest of his career. He then played in the playoffs for only six minutes, when the Panthers tried to delay the elimination with Tampa Bay.

“I didn’t think about it anymore, because everything went very fast,” Thornton said during the week. “I’ll talk to my family and see what the next plan is. I haven’t decided whether to continue or not. We’ll see.”

When this year’s greatest player, Zdeno Chara, played his last NHL game, the Tampa Bay player shook his right hand to praise him for his incredible career. Thornton went to something similar, congratulating the Lightning team (how practical) on the procedure. Who knows what he heard from his opponents.

In a short time, the league could lose another giant. A few weeks ago, Patrick Marleau, who played the most regular season in NHL history, also announced the end. Thornton lost 65 games to him. This is certainly an attraction, although Jumbo Joe himself recently said with humor that he would leave the historic site to his partner.

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That he knew in advance that he would really end up? “My wife asks me what to do next, but I really don’t know,” he said again.

Do you think we’ll see Thornton on the NHL track next season?

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