One of the two Dutch pilgrims killed this morning in Fresno del Camino (Len) dies


The accident was registered early in the morning. The two injuries were treated at the accident site.

A pilgrim in one of the stages of the Camino de Santiago

One of the two women whohas been run overthis morning for a tourism in the town of Fresno del Camino (Len)he has lost his life. I was 63 years old and I was doing the Camino de Santiago together with another compaƱera of 67, whohas been seriously injured. Both have Dutch nationality, as reported from theSubdelegation of the Governmentto Europa Press.

The accident was recorded minutes before 8.16 hours, at which time the operations room of 112 gave notice of the incident to theLocal Police of Valverde de la Virgen, to the Civil Guard of Traffic of Len and to Sanitary Emergencies -Sacyl-, that mobilized a mobile UVI, a medical team of Trobajo del Camino and an ambulance basic life support.

In place, the health personnelattended to the two woundsThey were later transferred in a mobile ICU and ambulance to basic life support, accompanied by the Trobajo del Camino medical team, to the Len Health Care Complex. Shortly after,one of them has died.

The agents continue to investigate the causes of the accident. Driverhas been negative in alcohol and drug controlsto which he has been subjected.

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