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one pregnant woman and two others were injured

A traffic accident occurred Friday evening, around 7 p.m., in Gilly, at the intersection formed at the intersection of rue Caporal Debatty and rue du Bois de Lobbes. One of the two cars was riding on rue du Bois de Lobbes while the second was coming from Caporal Debatty street.


After the collision between the two cars, one of the cars literally ended up on its side … blocking a pregnant woman on board!

Emergency services, he warned, intervened quickly, in force. Marcinelle fire, and ambulance and unloading. An ambulance and a Smur from Notre-Dame also arrived on the scene. As we said, they had to take care of a pregnant woman, as well as another passenger and a child. All three were transferred to hospital.

Charleroi local police made the findings.

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