One Vision, Motorola's weapon to conquer the mid-range


In the words of Rubén Pérez, director of Motorola in Spain, it is "a new phone concept". One that continues to attack the mid-range, but does not follow the standards of the other smartphone families of the company and, therefore, has nothing to do with the successful series G.

Its name is Motorola ONE Vision, costs 299 euros and all its technology is based on improving the visual experience of users. "We know that the average range, with prices between 200 and 300 euros, already accounts for 30% of total mobile sales in Spain," says Rubén Pérez. And that is where the greatest battles are fought and where the maximum competition occurs. That's why the new Moto One family arose ».

The first Motorola One arrived last year, and with excellent results, by the way. And now, the Lenovo mobile firm is back on the attack with a terminal, One Vision, equipped with a 6.3-inch Full HD + screen and in a 21: 9 format. That is, narrower and longer, the same used in cinema screens.

With a refined aesthetic and the rear glass 4D, the new terminal has a perforated screen, with a small hole in which the front camera is embedded. That is, nothing of notch.

The chosen processor, manufactured by Samsung, is the Exinos 9609, with eight cores and a speed of up to 2.2 Ghz. A movement at least curious, since it is the first time that Motorola leaves Qualcomm in the field of processors.

The RAM is 4 GB and for storage we have 128 GB, expandable up to 512 with external memory cards. The 3,500 milliampere battery features the Turbo Power, a 15-watt fast charging system.

Samsung has also been the supplier of the cameras of the new mid-range Motorola, one of the strongest points of the device. In this way, both the rear and front cameras incorporate Quad Pixel technology, which consists of combining four pixels in one in order to obtain sharper images and improve, especially, the photographs we make at night or in very dim environments.

A 48-megapixel camera
In the back, the main sensor is 48 megapixels, a standard that until recently was exclusive of high gaama phones, but that is beginning to be seen also in the mid-range. The focal aperture is f / 1.7 and the camera has a stabilizer controlled by Artificial Intelligence.

The second lens, 5 megapixels, is designed to capture depth. The union of all these technologies has allowed Motorola to implement a "night vision" mode that is able to obtain excellent results when lighting is very scarce. In the words of David Alcázar, product specialist at Motorola "the sensors are able to take full advantage of all available light. It is a great leap in quality in our products ».

The front camera, meanwhile, mounted a sensor (also Samsung) of 25 megapixels with an aperture of f / 2.0.

Always in the photographic section, the terminal has a fire optimization option controlled by Artificial Intelligence. If we activate it, the mobile itself will analyze and interpret the scenes that we will capture and will make suggestions, in real time, to improve photography. For example, you can suggest that we activate the night mode, or that we improve the framing, or that we use the portrait mode. Unlike other terminals, which automatically reconfigure their parameters based on what they have in front, Motorola has preferred that the mobile is limited to making suggestions, so that it is the user who decides how to finally make the photo.

In the same way, the new One Vision also has a multiple system of automatic recognition of smiles. And it is capable of recognizing up to five simultaneously. If we activate this function, the mobile will not take the picture until all the subjects are smiling at the same time. The same system also works with the front camera.

Also the portrait mode has been improved, and now allows to choose different highlights, from applying a black background to adding a light bulb. Other possibilities of the new camera system are the "Spot Color", which allows us to highlight a single color in the image, leaving the rest in black and white, or Cinematography Mode, which gives us the possibility to animate the background while the Subject remains immobile.

As for the operating system, and honoring its name, the terminal incorporates Google One, practically without any personalization, except the classic gestures of Motorola (fast photo, flashlight activation and three-finger screen capture). Updates, then, are guaranteed for at least two years.

The new Motorola One Vision, which will arrive in the colors Sapphire Blue and Bronze, will be available from the first week of June, although it can be booked from tomorrow. The price, as has been said, is 299 euros. . (tagsToTranslate) motorola (t) vision


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