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OnePlus founder leaves company after alleged power struggle

Officially, Pei says he has left to “spend more time with friends and family”. Which writes he on the smartphone maker forum.

Dived earlier this week rumors about struggles between Pei and his co-founder Pete Lau. LauDie is recently profiled as the boss of the company, while Pei in the west was seen as a key figure because he speaks fluent English.

Although Pei implies working less, sources claim he has started a new business. It is unclear whether this startup also focuses on the smartphone market, or will do something completely different.


Pei and Lau started with OnePlus in 2013, after which they grew strongly in a short time. The smartphone maker profiled itself with relatively powerful devices that were cheaper than the flagships of large companies.

In recent years, OnePlus devices became more expensive, but a cheaper OnePlus Nord was also introduced. Pei was responsible for the production of this middle class.

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