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Ong Kim Swee: We Didn’t Kill Saddil Ramdani’s Career!

Sabah FC coach Ong Kim Swee insists, The Rhinos never intended to kill Saddil Ramdani’s career after they rejected an offer from Serbian club FK Novi Pazar.

Previously, the Sabah management stated that they did not want to release Saddil to Serbia, because Novi Pazar wanted him for free. But Saddil’s agents claimed Sabah had tricked them by rejecting the offer from Novi Pazar. The agent’s statement triggered the reaction of netizens in Indonesia to criticize Sabah’s policies.

Kim Swee hopes Indonesian fans understand that Saddil is an important part of Sabah. According to Kim Swee, Sabah’s concern for Saddil is very high, and it can be seen from the management’s treatment of the player when he was injured.

“We do not kill [karir] he is here. We are actually taking care of him, “Kim Swee was quoted as saying New Straits Times.

“When he got injured at the end of last season, we sent him to Kuala Lumpur [untuk perawatan], and he followed suit. When he returns to Indonesia, all costs are borne by the club.”

Even Kim Swee, who is experienced in player transfers to Japan and Portugal, suspects that there is a hidden agenda behind Saddil’s chaotic transfer. Kim Swee called this a trick by some to get Saddil’s services.

“I know their agenda. If we (Sabah) let the player go, I am 100 percent sure he will go there (Novi Pazar) for one month, and then the Indonesian club will bring him in for free,” said Kim Swee.

“There is a big thing at play in this matter. Some blame us, but don’t know the real story. Getting an international offer is a big deal. If the player wants to leave, I can arrange that.”

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“We received an official offer from the club (Novi Pazar), but there was no transfer fee. This is not true in terms of professionalism. When you want a player, there has to be a transfer.”

“I think a lot of people don’t understand if the player himself says he doesn’t want to leave. If that’s what the player wants, we’ll make it happen in the best way possible.”


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