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ONLINE: Another record has been set in Prague since the beginning of the epidemic

19:03 – Slovakia confirmed 41st death on covid-19. A 78-year-old man died at a hospital in Trenčín. 115 patients with confirmed covid-19 disease are currently hospitalized in Slovak hospitals. Ten of them are in the ICU and eight need artificial lung ventilation.

18:26 – The number of covid-19 cases in Prague today again broke the record. At 18:00, 442 were infected in 24 hours, the highest increase since the onset of the epidemic.

18:23 – On Tuesday, the number of Czech Republic so far 873 confirmed cases of covid, 90 more than the ongoing situation on Monday evening. There are a record 581 people in hospitals.

18:03 – V USA more than 200,000 people infected with coronavirus died. This follows from current statistics published on the website of Johns Hopkins University, which has been involved in the development of the covidu-19 pandemic for a long time.

The United States is the most affected country in the world in terms of the number of infected and dead. To date, 6.86 million people have been infected with coronavirus, of which 200,005 have died.

13:18Karlovy Vary Region even firefighters will help the staff of the Karlovy Vary Regional Hygiene Station. As of Monday, six firefighters have been helping hygienists, and the region has also offered other staff from the regional office, who could help with tracing and tracing coronavirus-infected contacts, Karlovy Vary Governor Petr Kubis (YES) told reporters today.

12:29 – As of September 11, banks received almost 400,000 applications for deferral of loan repayments, approving 358,000 of them. The deadline for applications is September 30.

11:25There have been almost two million cases of coronavirus infection in the world last week, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). According to her, this is a weekly record. But the death toll with the covid decreased.

11:08 – V Russia on Monday, the daily increase in coronavirus infections increased on the fourth day and is higher than 6,000. However, the number of deaths of infected patients increased significantly compared to previous days.

10:31 – V Austria 645 newly confirmed cases of coronavirus infection were added on Monday. Vienna is the most infected. Due to the current pandemic situation, the Netherlands has decided to include Vienna and Innsbruck in the list of risk areas.

10:06Slovakia reports 175 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the last 24 hours. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 6,931 people have been infected and 40 people have been infected.

09:56 – In the University Hospital Brno, young people also have covid-19 disease compared to spring, the youngest is 25 years old. The hospital currently has 26 patients with coronavirus, its spokesman Pavel Žára told ČTK. Three quarters of those hospitalized are over 60 years old.

There have been 4199 confirmed cases of covid-19 in the South Moravian Region since the beginning of the pandemic. This follows from the website of the Ministry of Health.

09:37 – The new Minister of Health Roma Prymula (for YES) stated that he did not want to take measures in the new position that would handicap the economy. According to him, people must take it upon themselves to cooperate. He also suggested that school principals announce school holidays on Fridays before Monday, September 28. This would create room for the virus to slow down.

TK of the Ministry of Health after the introduction of Roman Prymula to the head of the department

Video: CTK

09:29 – V Hungary recorded 633 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infection, eight people have been infected in the last 24 hours. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 19,499 people have been tested positive in the country and 694 infected have died.

09:08Due to the rapid spread of the infection with a new type of coronavirus, Germany should place the entire Czech Republic in the risk area on Wednesday. The Czechs could only travel to Germany with a negative test, confirmed the head of Czech diplomacy Tomáš Petříček. The State Department is trying to negotiate an exemption for commuters.

09:05 – In view of the deteriorating situation with the spread of coronavirus, the British government has decided that restaurants and bars will close at 10 pm from Thursday. Only table service is allowed.

08:40 – Head of the Institute of Medicine Irena Storová wants to talk to Prymula and Babiš about the distribution of veils by the Czech Post. Hamáček’s attack on SÚKL was unprecedented, she told Radio Z.

07:58 – Red Cross in jihojemenském Adenu opened a field hospital with a capacity of 60 beds. It is mainly for people infected with coronavirus. In a country where fighting has been taking place since 2014, home healthcare has collapsed. The coronavirus spreads with Yemen completely indefinitely.

Field hospital in Aden, Yemen.

Photo: Uncredited, ČTK / AP

06:10Germany reports Monday, 1821 new cases of coronavirus infection. The country, which has eight times more inhabitants than the Czechia, has only 345 more infected than the Czech Republic.

05:41Brazil reported 13,439 new cases of coronavirus infection and another 377 patients with covid-19 died. According to official figures, more than 4.5 million people have become infected in the largest South American country, which has a population of approximately 210 million, of which 137,272 have been infected.

04:45 – On Monday, 1476 cases of coronavirus infection in the Czech Republic increased. Ten people died, a total of 522 victims.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 50,764 people have been infected in the Czech Republic and 25,425 infected have been cured. The Ministry of Health will publish the number of tests performed on Monday at a later date; By Monday evening, 10,122 had taken place.

The worst situation is in Prague, where 218.08 are infected per 100,000 inhabitants. Then there are Uherské Hradiště (181.4), Kroměříž (171.82), Liberec (167.4), Beroun (156.75), Plzeň-město (149.78), Ústí nad Labem (148.32) and Cheb (143.23).

04:30Mexico reported 2917 new cases of coronavirus infection and 204 deaths in the past 24 hours. The total number of people infected since the beginning of the pandemic has risen to 700,580, of which 73,697 have been infected. The actual numbers are probably much higher due to limited testing.

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